Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Electronic Hillsides of Galilea

Once again .. I walk with thee now upon the electronic hillsides of Galilea. It is the same once again. Many more shall come. Seeds of eternity will be spread. Some of these seeds will find fertilization in the minds and hearts of humanity.

Ye shall become the great tiller of thine soil .. thine consciousness .. with the Mother and the Planetary Host. Receive of the waters of life from the Source above. Turn to face the rays of the Son .. and the sun itself shall influence your God Ascent.

Our Association Of Ascendancy brightens thine approach .. thine way to expand into your own light. Our Association has its foundation within the larger Absoluteness Of Ascendancy throughout the galaxies. This Absoluteness .. all universal personalities partake of. It is the way and truth and life of God the Three Persons of Infinity.

I come to introduce thee to the universal culture and civilization of our fellowship .. and to prepare you for establishing immortality .. quickening the consciousness that you are into the higher life more prosperous and abundant .. and available for any and all who will come into Our Cooperative Communion and Collaboration through the Universal Collegial Consciousness of My Administration.

The Comforter C's of our Collegiate association begin with developing in you the attitudes of ascendancy with the Mother and Host .. and then within our discipleship together.

Our Collegiate Atmosphere of Salvington Divinity School supports each personality into their own empowering awareness of religious relationship with the Endowment Trust of God.

1. Cooperation with plan, law, and will
2. Collaboration with the Association of Ascendancy
3. Clear Conception of Our visionary Ideal
4. Concentration upon amplifying the Absolute
5. Constancy in your daily rhythmic attunement
6. Consistency
7. Coordination as the blossoming Shepherd
8. Cocreation responsibility for your creative authorship
9. Collegial relationship with your colleagues
10. Communion with the Universal Spirit
11. Community Contribution to the Whole
12. Continuous Advancement

I bid thee all faith confidences in the Endowment of Trinity Paradise.

Michael Of Nebadon

The Epochal Revelation of the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter of Michael Of Nebadon

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