Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Understanding Salve of Salvation

Ye shall know the Lord thine God as the Life I AM in thee...

Practice Mine Verities coupling this with the 7 Cardinal Mother Spirit Virtues and your adorational worship and love of the Universal I AM in thee.

Then .. you have entered into the Absoluteness of Ascendancy .. these circuits of the endowment of the Trinity.

Each day commune with the Spirit and the Son .. and amplify Truth in you with your destiny relationship with the Father’s Initiatory Life .. the Thought Adjuster Spirit of the Universal Father.

God is a universal spirit person. He is the giver of your personhood and its personality.

Take Mine Universal Hand of Faith and Trust .. Truth and Forgiveness .. Mercy and Righteousness. Enter into the  discipleship of our association of ascendancy.

Thine Experiential righteousness of character brings about transformation untold in Consciousness; for ye shall know the universal spiritual reality of the First Central Source by thine faith trust application of your willingness and wholeheartedly desire to seek .. find .. become .. and know the immaculate spirit of the Universal Absoluteness.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation
Salvington Divinity School

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