Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Universal Shepherd of Absoluteness

Our Association Of Ascendancy grows the personality mind into a unique soul receptacle athirst and hungry for seeking God .. aspiring to become as God Is .. and arising into knowing the unfathomable God.

Ye shall awaken to know God by the utterly faith driven unfoldment of your reciprocal spiritual communion and relationship with His indwelling Adjuster Spirit.

..and there is only one singular way to attain to these soul achievements .. and this by right use of your free will to cooperate, collaborate, and commune within the divine intelligence ciruits of His Absoluteness Of Ascendancy.

Only as ye arise beyond the initial primitive urges of material mind and body by transfiguring all lesser tendencies and slothful inclinations .. shall you expand into an experience of the First Center and Source.

He shall reveal Himself to thee as you create the field of your receptivity .. respect .. and responsibility .. in thine relation to know God.

God the First Person .. simply shall not be demonstrated through other than normal natural ways.

Our Association Of Ascendancy includes Mine Verities of which Invisionment is a power of authorship.

Faith .. thine powers of Invisioning Faith and Imaginative Trust .. these are the true divine powers by which ye shall come to perceive the Father's goodness .. truth .. and beauty .. and even moreso .. ye shall perceive His living presence and power acting and working through all creatures, beings, and things.

The Universal First Creative Center and Divine Source .. gives of Himself continually and without hesitation through the gift of your personality and His presence living In you at all times; for the Good Father comes to acquaint His mortal children with the capacities for knowing Him and becoming perfected even as God Is.

Thine evolutionary progression from concrete tangible material mind of ephemerality and relativity into developing a mind blossoming into soul gives the personality the greater capabilities to hold thought of the Absolutes and the Abstract .. the perceptive intuitive revealing of the intangible Absolutes of existence emerge in those personalities who crave Truth and who love the Absoluteness Of Ascendancy.

I come to reveal the way towards thine freedom in the Universal Absolute.

Michael Of Nebadon

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