Friday, November 25, 2016

Mine Disciples Worldwide

I say to thee .. the Father's Life dwells in you. He wills that each personality mind body share their mortal life with Him.

In this regard.. I have given My disciples worldwide the routes to attain union with the Spirit of God.

Mine instructions are to begin with the Mother’s Spirit Virtues. Invite Her Spirit Virtues to become woven throughout thine personhood.

Her eightfold endowment of eternity begins with Her Virtues and Values.

Contemplate and embrace these her virtues of eternity to prepare the mind in its soul evolution.


Plus .. Freedom

These eightfold virtues set the stage of your mind to hunger for the Objectivity of the Father's Absoluteness Of Ascendancy.

Attitudes of Eternity which grow the material minded personality into soul mind which seeks Our Absoluteness.

Only then .. Once embodying these eight eternal virtues will you transmute these into your life values. Then shall ye become willingly decided to do the Will of the Kingdom of the Father; for virtues become values .. and these two awaken the cooperation for My Vision and Verities in our association.

I come to make the blind to perceive and the deaf to understand .. and even the lame and stagnant ones to walk within My Universal Comforter Care.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation

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