Saturday, December 31, 2016

Dawn of Morning Shall become thine Radiance

The long dawn cometh before a day of great radiance; the sun of understanding mounteth fairer heavens. Too long have ye wandered in your desertions of confusion and doubt. Whilst ye have been birthed into the garment of flesh and mortality, and ye strive to overcome thyself with religious faith and hope, ye have been inundated with the murmurings of mammon .. of error .. which has awaited thine entrance upon the world stage. Yet .. now you are to conquer all this error of mis...understanding and misalignment, and ye are to embrace the eternal and everlasting conceiving of the Father.

All thine wanderings hath been a web of perplexity and pondering .. error and injustice brought to thee from the material of the civilization through the centuries; for thine populace still remains in its asleepness of ignorance and arrogance of self image. The collective species has yet to raise itself beyond the tempestuousness of terror and fear propagated merely by those who have made themselves your leaders unbeknownst to thee.

I bid you to arise and know that I AM. I gift you with the grace of the ethers of the heavenly ones who wait and watch. I bid thee to build upon your awareness that you are the growing and developing sons and daughters of an Infinite Parenthood with no ends nor limitations in what is possible. Ye are gods in your own rights and powers .. abilities and privileges to create with the powers of His Thought thine own direction and destination .. destiny and divinity.

Ye are presently clothed in mortality which hath its ends and its limitations, yet, once ye understand the creative prerogatives which are yours by divine right, then shall you inherit the Kingdom of My Father. Hence .. ye shall come into your maturity of knowing that your godhood seeks to become born in you through the second birth by the hand of the Infinite One God.

I am Michael of this Universe .. come to awaken thine sensibilities and thine candor .. thine intellectual bondage shall find its freedom from darkness as you raise thyself into My Understanding .. My Knowledge .. and My Association together as Universal Family in the Kingdom of the Father's Mercy and Love.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Give Thine Prayers

Give thine prayer not for the things of this world which certainly are fleeting, superficial, and owing to artificiality. Thine Father already knows what ye may desire in matter, and even more so, what ye will need to fulfill his glory and will, his plan of perfection.

Pray for the correct and vital understanding in you of the Father's way which is the approach of ascendancy that I am giving to thee herein; for I am the perfected expressionful Word of the Father's Life and ...the Originating Son's Revelatory Spirit sent to humanity for its edification and the carrying forth of the edicts of Eternity.

Pray for the discipline and dedication to apply the great law of creation to attain to the permanent transfiguration of your own misqualification of the Father's life .. miseries and misunderstandings in mind and material circumstance that you have perpetrated inadvertantly upon yourself over lifetimes of experience and evolution; for now at this time ye shall bring harmony to the chaos .. and the new order of the heavens shall change in the twinkling of an eye every particle of the Life of God the Father which you have borrowed from him and utilized for your upbringing development.

Pray that you are utterly and completely humiliated and made soul hungry for eternity to enter you; that you feel thine mortality and the greatest of poverties of spirit necessary to become receptacles of Truth .. and then, gladly shall you enter the portals of Our association of ascendancy .. that you might choose to walk upright in respect for the One God Life .. responsibility for it's Authorship in you .. and receptive in being taught and tenured in order to quicken all error into His harmonious vibratory glory.

Pray that you have the necessary strength and sincerity to overcome all rebelliousness towards the Infinite Light and Life of God the Father .. that you find your willingness and your want in order to walk with Us into your own immortalization day by day.

Then .. are you entering into His kingdom. Then are ye taking My Hand in honor and humbleness.

Then shall you become born again into thine secondary birth of Light and life; for you have already taken multitudes of births into the physical flesh. Thine immortal birth into everlasting fusion awaits thee in vulnerability and victory.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Kingdom of Illumination

Truth .. which is the unwavering and unchanging Security and Stability of the Heavens .. lives in every man and woman's life .. and yet .. can never be claimed and possessed by the personality unless their powers of righteousness are unearthed and exercised in each moment's opportunity.

The advancement of this pure faith relationship with the Universal Spirit who lives and dwells in thine midst .. brings all mortal thoughts and genuine feelings into a new order .. a renewal of faith trust in the goodness of the Universal Father’s Kingdom.

Wisdom and Illumination spread their aromas ..  ethics and conscience abound .. and the meanings and purposes of eternity are elevated and clarified in the life of such courageous personalities.

My Ideal .. which I bring for you each from the Second Center and Divinity Source shall provide an unconditional love for God the First and only Father. It's heroic precepts of practical applicability .. shall develop justly as you choose the higher choice.

Morality shall arise in thee .. and become the overarching divine influence refining thine individual personhood unto the greater heights of the maturing soul mind who thirsts for developing righteousness and the reality of God our Parenthood.

Impinged with the ointment of divine oxygen .. the balm of bettering thine existence .. the  sincere reflective contemplation of considering Our Knowledge .. thine personality soul shall unearth itself from the many eons of its materializing battles with subjectivity and selfishness. 

Ye shall enter the universal domain of the limitless arena of the Absolute.

A man and woman of this undying and unmoveable faith begin to transmute their respective human mortal urges .. and the urgencies of emotional reactivity are brought into Our Peace .. and a life of Perfecting Prosperity blossoms in your unfoldment.

Trauma disappears .. lack of satiety dissolves .. and these are wholeheartedly resurrected and  replaced with Tranquility.

The almost never-ending crisis of your reactive  emotions which have been continually pushed and pulled by the misqualification of error .. these perturbations of consciousness cease to exist any longer for the individual of far reaching faith and reciprocal spiritual relationship with the Infinite Persons of the One Deity.

Now .. are ye walking with Me in the most profound purpise and the strengthening sublimity of hope. All truth through thine acquisitions of fostering this kindly faith are predicated on the simplicity of Our surrender .. and the deeply profound reflections upon the eternity of our creative Center and Source who has always been in existence .. and is the very Existence Itself.

Inquiry of the sincerest self perceptions which is intent upon guiding thineself into righteousness and respect .. rectitude and responsibility .. remembrance and receptivity .. this is your anvil necessary to shape the densities which are as the precious metals of the world .. thine mortal excursions .. into Our divine destiny together wherein Universal Citizenship cometh quickly.

Thine human freewill shall be as an ever-strengthening plowshare which tills the soil and plants the seeds of self-denial and relationship with the Infinite.

Thine existence .. and it's misqualified mirth and near endless mortal maneuverings becometh thine manifestations of mastery.

These daily kingdom exercises of your consciousness .. the eightfold endowment of eternity .. generate in you Our new order for humanity to ascend into.

To understand thyself and accept thine mortal countenance and the imperfect ways of human evolutionary experience .. this is the joy of the Father's Life truly exercising His prerogatives of bringing to you His Perfection.

I walk within thee and interpenetrating thine heart, mind, and ephemeral body .. surrounding thine body and breath with My uncompromising divinity .. My moral fibers of His consciousness .. and the unfathomable force of thine intended Victory in the Universal Father who is Absolute and desirous of your Everlasting Union with Him. 

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation

The Epochal Revelation of the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter of Michael Of Nebadon

Love Abounds

In all your relationships. . lead first with listening love.. listen with love and the tenderness of compassionate acceptance for whatsoever ye encounter.

God's Word of the Second Person of the One Deity .. this is His Love .. and as we cover all interrelationships with His accepting .. and unconditionally accepting Love and merciful Wholeness .. everything shall work out in our favor.

All circumstantial effects and every worldly blunder shall be saturated with the Father’s Will and Intent.  His Infinite Impulses are Harmony Absolute with nothing to deter nor obstruct Him.

Become this Compassionate Acceptance by transfiguration of your misqualified momentums and accumulations .. your mortal movements into His greater Perfection and thine willingness to cooperate and collaborate with the Host of the Heavens .. thine colleagues of constructive considerations .. this shall return to you Our Infinite Benevolence. . .

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation

Friday, December 2, 2016

The Intoxications of Infinity

Thou children of My Universal Administration and Trust . . .

I instruct thee in the rhythms of your old english for purpose and for stimulating those propensities of heart; for the linear and logical nature of humankind abhors the expression of thee's and thou's.

Thine mortal reasonings prefer to come and take in order so that you quickly find resolution to your discomforts .. yet .. I tell thee beloveds .. the heart is what I am after in you .. to mature the heart and soul .. to refine the passageways of personality .. and to alleviate thine confused ideologies of concept.

For this advancement of ascendancy ye shall give to God Himself thine human mortal tendencies and unfulfilled inclinations. Ye shall not come to Me to take with the mortal material mind .. yet ye shall enter into Mine society to partake .. to adjust into eternity thine priorities and possibilities shall ye come.

I desire not the worldly mind materialists who have become as the parasites of existence .. for  they do look to  enter Minexstream of intelligence only to prove themselves superior and mortally sensible. Yet .. I gather around Me only those who shall crave association with the Paradise Deities.

Seek not to use and then abuse Mine wares of knowledge and understanding .. in attempting to inflate thine egoic concerns .. for this shall simply dilute thine own awareness of Selfhood.

Seek ever and anon to perplex thine lesser nature with Absolute Love; to elevate and emancipate thyself from the ephemeral constraints of mortal struggles.

I come and speak in olden english as a barrier of entry similar to the parables and stories .. the metaphors and symbols that I did instruct you in prior times when we sat upon the free hillsides and roamed the fields of effulgent glory in the Middle East.

Come with me in your heart to the lands of Infinity .. the tapestries of time shall realign and obey thee only as ye command our eternal fellowship and the company of our constancy of communion.

Feel Mine instructions upon the breast of thine soul. Calm thine nerves in our companionship of consideration and cooperation. A fix thine consciousness upon the unwavering truth which calls thee into righteousness and rectitude .. responsibility and remembrance .. respect and receptivity.

Give Mine children .. give of thine mortality to the Father's Life in thee .. His God Life beckons thee to perfection. Give thy ephemeral evolutionary journey the divine fuels of our Absoluteness Of Ascendancy.

Mature the building of your own security and stability in the Father's Spirit .. as ye provoke thine standards upward .. and as ye walk within the safety of our relationship.

I come upon the earthly shores to impregnate thine search with love and light .. to penetrate thine personality mind with the divine intoxications .. the Infinite wisdoms of the Holy Persons of Paradise Trinity Endowment.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation

The Epochal Revelation of the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter of Michael Of Nebadon

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