Saturday, December 31, 2016

Dawn of Morning Shall become thine Radiance

The long dawn cometh before a day of great radiance; the sun of understanding mounteth fairer heavens. Too long have ye wandered in your desertions of confusion and doubt. Whilst ye have been birthed into the garment of flesh and mortality, and ye strive to overcome thyself with religious faith and hope, ye have been inundated with the murmurings of mammon .. of error .. which has awaited thine entrance upon the world stage. Yet .. now you are to conquer all this error of mis...understanding and misalignment, and ye are to embrace the eternal and everlasting conceiving of the Father.

All thine wanderings hath been a web of perplexity and pondering .. error and injustice brought to thee from the material of the civilization through the centuries; for thine populace still remains in its asleepness of ignorance and arrogance of self image. The collective species has yet to raise itself beyond the tempestuousness of terror and fear propagated merely by those who have made themselves your leaders unbeknownst to thee.

I bid you to arise and know that I AM. I gift you with the grace of the ethers of the heavenly ones who wait and watch. I bid thee to build upon your awareness that you are the growing and developing sons and daughters of an Infinite Parenthood with no ends nor limitations in what is possible. Ye are gods in your own rights and powers .. abilities and privileges to create with the powers of His Thought thine own direction and destination .. destiny and divinity.

Ye are presently clothed in mortality which hath its ends and its limitations, yet, once ye understand the creative prerogatives which are yours by divine right, then shall you inherit the Kingdom of My Father. Hence .. ye shall come into your maturity of knowing that your godhood seeks to become born in you through the second birth by the hand of the Infinite One God.

I am Michael of this Universe .. come to awaken thine sensibilities and thine candor .. thine intellectual bondage shall find its freedom from darkness as you raise thyself into My Understanding .. My Knowledge .. and My Association together as Universal Family in the Kingdom of the Father's Mercy and Love.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation

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