Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Give Thine Prayers

Give thine prayer not for the things of this world which certainly are fleeting, superficial, and owing to artificiality. Thine Father already knows what ye may desire in matter, and even more so, what ye will need to fulfill his glory and will, his plan of perfection.

Pray for the correct and vital understanding in you of the Father's way which is the approach of ascendancy that I am giving to thee herein; for I am the perfected expressionful Word of the Father's Life and ...the Originating Son's Revelatory Spirit sent to humanity for its edification and the carrying forth of the edicts of Eternity.

Pray for the discipline and dedication to apply the great law of creation to attain to the permanent transfiguration of your own misqualification of the Father's life .. miseries and misunderstandings in mind and material circumstance that you have perpetrated inadvertantly upon yourself over lifetimes of experience and evolution; for now at this time ye shall bring harmony to the chaos .. and the new order of the heavens shall change in the twinkling of an eye every particle of the Life of God the Father which you have borrowed from him and utilized for your upbringing development.

Pray that you are utterly and completely humiliated and made soul hungry for eternity to enter you; that you feel thine mortality and the greatest of poverties of spirit necessary to become receptacles of Truth .. and then, gladly shall you enter the portals of Our association of ascendancy .. that you might choose to walk upright in respect for the One God Life .. responsibility for it's Authorship in you .. and receptive in being taught and tenured in order to quicken all error into His harmonious vibratory glory.

Pray that you have the necessary strength and sincerity to overcome all rebelliousness towards the Infinite Light and Life of God the Father .. that you find your willingness and your want in order to walk with Us into your own immortalization day by day.

Then .. are you entering into His kingdom. Then are ye taking My Hand in honor and humbleness.

Then shall you become born again into thine secondary birth of Light and life; for you have already taken multitudes of births into the physical flesh. Thine immortal birth into everlasting fusion awaits thee in vulnerability and victory.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation

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