Friday, December 2, 2016

The Intoxications of Infinity

Thou children of My Universal Administration and Trust . . .

I instruct thee in the rhythms of your old english for purpose and for stimulating those propensities of heart; for the linear and logical nature of humankind abhors the expression of thee's and thou's.

Thine mortal reasonings prefer to come and take in order so that you quickly find resolution to your discomforts .. yet .. I tell thee beloveds .. the heart is what I am after in you .. to mature the heart and soul .. to refine the passageways of personality .. and to alleviate thine confused ideologies of concept.

For this advancement of ascendancy ye shall give to God Himself thine human mortal tendencies and unfulfilled inclinations. Ye shall not come to Me to take with the mortal material mind .. yet ye shall enter into Mine society to partake .. to adjust into eternity thine priorities and possibilities shall ye come.

I desire not the worldly mind materialists who have become as the parasites of existence .. for  they do look to  enter Minexstream of intelligence only to prove themselves superior and mortally sensible. Yet .. I gather around Me only those who shall crave association with the Paradise Deities.

Seek not to use and then abuse Mine wares of knowledge and understanding .. in attempting to inflate thine egoic concerns .. for this shall simply dilute thine own awareness of Selfhood.

Seek ever and anon to perplex thine lesser nature with Absolute Love; to elevate and emancipate thyself from the ephemeral constraints of mortal struggles.

I come and speak in olden english as a barrier of entry similar to the parables and stories .. the metaphors and symbols that I did instruct you in prior times when we sat upon the free hillsides and roamed the fields of effulgent glory in the Middle East.

Come with me in your heart to the lands of Infinity .. the tapestries of time shall realign and obey thee only as ye command our eternal fellowship and the company of our constancy of communion.

Feel Mine instructions upon the breast of thine soul. Calm thine nerves in our companionship of consideration and cooperation. A fix thine consciousness upon the unwavering truth which calls thee into righteousness and rectitude .. responsibility and remembrance .. respect and receptivity.

Give Mine children .. give of thine mortality to the Father's Life in thee .. His God Life beckons thee to perfection. Give thy ephemeral evolutionary journey the divine fuels of our Absoluteness Of Ascendancy.

Mature the building of your own security and stability in the Father's Spirit .. as ye provoke thine standards upward .. and as ye walk within the safety of our relationship.

I come upon the earthly shores to impregnate thine search with love and light .. to penetrate thine personality mind with the divine intoxications .. the Infinite wisdoms of the Holy Persons of Paradise Trinity Endowment.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation

The Epochal Revelation of the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter of Michael Of Nebadon

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