Sunday, January 8, 2017

Earthly Choice

Thine earthly choices are the greatest gifts you can give the the Father. The decision to share your life in the flesh with his spirit is the prime choice of existence.

Choices of ephemerality wherein you place all faith and trust in the outer material world bring naught to the individual personality mind. These appearances hold no power .. for they are the shadows of being which offer naught to the ascendancy of personality. 

Seek safety and security in the Absoluteness Of God himself who has traveled from the central core to reside in thee. He aline gives stability and safety in exchange for surrender and sacrifice from the mortal personality.

The world's safety is not what it appears to thine senses .. thine earthly sensibilities will never find rest in an ever changing form. Fear of what you don't yet know is merely a mirage like the water filled oasis of the deserts of the planet.

Fear is misqualification which must be tackled by a mind which upholds it's right priorities in the Father's agenda and intent. Fear leads to mistrust and doubt and suspicion wherein the personality mind begins it's descent into further materialization. Yet the upward trajectories of your spiritualization await your consent; a full bodied and wholehearted consent and collaboration .. a concentrated cooperation with the Universal Spirit who gives thee your life.

Everything else shall fade away just as the morning mists .. the mindful fog of density and erroneous accumulations.  These shall not prevent thee from your awakening into the God Ascendancy as ye take mine gentle Hand of the Comforter Spirit I AM. 

Michael Of Nebadon

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