Sunday, January 8, 2017

His Absoluteness Shall Prevail

Verily do I speak to you all this evening in the Western United States .. the time is come for you to advance yourselves by clarifying mine teachings and their daily applications to grow and mature yourselves into the Father's Illumination .. His Light and Life .. through the omnipotence of His Love.

...for the Love of His Absoluteness hails from the bosom of the Father's Life. Love eternally washes away all obstacles and it is His Love which shall deliver thee into the fulfillment of all thine lifetimes of advancement .. the advancements of ascendancy in your body .. mind .. individual soul .. and personality.

It is the destiny and divine purpose for living that you make your God Ascent into Universal Citizenship. This is to become born once again. It is the initiation for human beings into their Second Birth of Immortality.

All the mortal imperfections and immaturities of character .. every mortal nodule of personal consciousness in thought and feeling .. all shall become refined and rejuvenated as ye follow Me in the way I am teaching you and My present day bestowal is the renewal of My ministry from two millennia ago. I am come closer in order to demonstrate to humanity at this time the approach to the Universal Father's Life.

I have returned into the humanity because I simply must resuscitate mine holy words of olden times .. these ones who have the discerning eye of their vigilance and are willing to bring into birth the virtues and values of eternity .. these personalities shall become quickened and cleansed .. renewed and refined .. through My gospel ideal which I am offering to you for your eternal benevolence.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation

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