Sunday, January 8, 2017

His Living Impulse of Absolute Love

Verily, all things become the God Impulse during their evolutionary progression .. the personality either conducts themselves into this transformation or eventually disintegrates into oblivion.

Only by becoming His Living Impulse shall ye survive as thine personality. Ye shall be raised and refined into His Holy Remembrance through the transmutation of all mortal inclinations and tendencies, every humanly qualified thought, word, and deed or act becomes translated into this Holy Impulse.

Ye have opened wider the doorway and have entered upon this great indwelling work of demonstrating your willingness to bring forth the Will of the Heavenly Father. That ye shall know beyond all doubts of your place within existence. That I have been teaching you of your sonship and daughtership with the Absolute Parenthood and Creator Source.

I continue to show ye the way into your own illumination in mind, body, and heart and soul. I have shown you the way to serve and to stand forth in righteousness and utter splendor and humility.

Go thou forth to attain to thine responsibilities, thine covenant with the Infinite Gods. It is in accomplishing thine duty that ye shall not be weary nor shall ye find hopelessness nor even disdain. Be not weary in these tasks which I set before thee today and during this twenty-First Century advent of My teachings.

Verily I say to those with an open mind blossoming into soul mind overflowing with receptive capacities for Truth and Love .. unto you and for all those who come thereafter down throughout the centuries of generations upon this planet's civilized birthing ..let it be known to all who shall follow in thine walking with the Father Spirit in you .. Always and forevermore do I stand with you, interpenetrating thee and surrounding you in all way of My benevolence. I am near and never am I far away, yet as ye ask and invite Me .. then shall I make Myself known to thee.

I Am a Creator Son who years for your freedom and victory, as all Creator Sons do within their own universal trust. Hence, I always stand nearby to you. My invitation is upheld continually, and it is activated as you ask and allow Me to guide your way into all truth and freedom, all thine soul development shall become for you a fountainhead that satiates all thine urges for stability and righteousness, security and safety shall emerge in thee untouched by the vibrations of the world.

My divine Influence with the Universe Mother and the Planetary Host shall ever be for every personality who years to grow into maturity and mastery. Come unto Me all ye who struggle within the world's ways and are thereby burdened by density and demarcations of misqualification .. and I shall give thee rest eternally.

Taketh Mine yoke .. its essential discipline and obedience, vigilance and the higher momentums of Our victorious accomplishment; for My yoke shall be upon thee as ye enter our association of ascendancy. My approach is the way by which ye shall live upward while erasing permanently the downward trajectories as ye shall encounter thine Selfhood and Divinity. Thine personal relations with the Infinite Father Son Spirit will allow to emerge all qualities of divine association. Ye shall be gravitating into His Will and Way wherein the greatest purpose ye shall ever come to know will find its permanency in thee.

All the great achievements which findeth their roots upon thine countenance and character will be an eternal gift .. while My yoke upon you will sustain thee evermore.

Come and learn of Me, for I am personalization of the Father Son in service harmonies with the Mother Spirit and the Host of Heaven. We are sent to raise thee beyond the boundaries and into the higher standards of the Father's grace and generosity At last, ye shall discover what thine heart craves and thirsts...

Michael Of Nebadon

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