Sunday, January 8, 2017

Know Ye Thine Missions are of the Father's Glory

Perceive that ye do attack thine own Spirit of the Father in the ye say: Behold am I created whole; and in that I am created whole, as a whole will I manifest! I tell you that ye do charge yourselves with obligations not intended by the Father… for were ye o truth created whole; then wouldst ye have no need of those rigors that assail you. Ye do grow as a vine that is planted, in a garden. Ye do take stature unto yourselves as corn upon a stalk, first the stalk and then the ear, and then the corn upon the ear, thus attain ye unto your statures, and the Heavens shall receive thee.

But say ye unto yourselves, Behold we are created whole, then do ye mischiefs unto yourselves, for the spirit hath knowledge of that which it encountereth; it perceiveth its destiny and great is its confusion. My beloveds of this evolutionary journey…be of one family as I am amongst thee with purpose and power, knowledge of instruction to be given to you, and strengths of conviction in faith and trust. Know ye your missions, each unto the other. Arise and be exceeding glad that ye do grow even as the wheat comes forth from the soils of the earth. 

Ye are to come into consciousness with a responsive to the sunshine of this knowledge, which shall refresheth you and make thee of wholeness. Thus, I am come again to prune affably the Universal Vine of My being… This Vine of Life must become refined and justly pruned, so that its stalks; would be garnered. Abide in Me, beloved. Know my sweetness is for thine benevolence of freedom and empowerment. Thine raiment of logic and the reasonings of love impulse thee to gain Our knowledge of the Absoluteness Of Ascendancy.

Yet, cannot be sowed; as seeds in a field except, that ye have knowledge of that which is written and given for thee.  Ye, cannot be numbered, as sons and daughters of the Heavens until ye come fully into your stature divine. The time cometh in when these matters, shall be as common report amongst you when those who have understanding, shall bear witness unto their neighbors, when those whose ways are dark; shall be dazzled by the splendor… yea even that light which maketh the face to shine as a mirror, reflecting the truth of that which is eternal shall ye become; I say the time cometh when that which is good shall be shown, unto women and men, when that which is evil, shall be purged, from their spirits, when that which is gross and unrefined, shall be winnowed, from the wheat and that, which is noble shall be sung, as an anthem. Are ye puzzled, beloved, by that which confronteth you? 

Ye have comings and goings in lifetimes of mystery and mayhem that savor of dread, ye have dire executions of that which hath blackness, ye perceive not the road by which ye would travel. I say unto you, yet a little time endure and the avenues of our ascendancies shall be opened, yet a little time shall ye be caused to suffer and your redemption cometh unto you, only as you receive our wisdoms and ways. Then are ye assured of stability in mind and feeling.

Yet Mine children…whereof have ye suffered? Hath there be wisdom in it? Whereof have ye endured unto prosperity divine? Have any serpents stung you upon your innocence of cheek? Wherefore have ye met with the tempests of time and its temporality? Hath calm not followed tumult?...hath a new order cometh out from the old chaos? Persevere and persist with constancy and consistency.

I tell you, and I do know of your coming redemption… thine resurrection into beings of light and life. Give yourselves to the Father… Place thine hands unto the plow of purity, and perceive that ye have harvests to espouse forth from out of thine beings. Hath it not been said, unto you that the Son of Man shall return to maketh end to all vanities and vexations? That I cometh in appropriate hour of exceeding long glory in the making? Think ye that I cometh into the sterilities of the universes? Of that which is sterile and of that which hath perishment, these shall be Mine servants for thine growth.

I am come forth from Mine headquarters world with nobility of understanding and mercies of royalties unbeknownst to thee. I come with a new order to be given to each personality mind who quests to develop the soul, and ever further up along the guardrails of Truth shall ye travel until ye have  established immortality amongst  the Hosts of the Heavens. In our Association Of Ascendancy.

I giveth thee your own nobility of character and kind. I savor for thee the freedom, which has averted thine embodiments. I instruct thee nobly, and shall not give Mine alms to the intellect. I say unto you that it hath been of common knowledge to the ancients that man should follow man, and woman follow woman, but whosoever followeth Him who cometh, receiveth a blessing like unto those of saints. Yea, it cometh unto him that seventy times he knoweth the tumult, that seventy times seven he knoweth tranquility. Arise and be wise! Perceive that even as ye do have me to guide you, ye do make a great progress not known of the worldly. Even as ye do come and beggar a blessing, ye receive of the Host the bright garlands of wisdom.  I come not among you to cast evil into your intellects.

I come as a dove that would bring you those garlands of peace. I place them upon you… one by one. I say that ye have honor through humility in that ye receive it by transfigurations of temporality. Arise and receive Mine goodly blessing, casting not from your spirits the garments of reasonings but clothing yourselves in the raiment of logic, that ye amy tower amongst men and women of the world by perceiving why things be of which Wisdom hath warned you.

Arise and count this moment, by favoring the God who hath made thee, into creatures, which thirst for truth and order, love and compassion, freedom and creative intelligence with no endings. And, in those moments of intellectual pride and arrogance, ye are to better acquaint thyselves with purity absolute. Through purity and absoluteness shall ye glance beyond the superficialities of worldly mindedness into the eternal tapestries of our eternal youthfulness, our walk together into your enoblements of heart and mind and bodily raiment.

Give thineself to the moments, which displayeth no intellectual mentality… and salute the pleasures of deperplexing thineself into Objectivity. Marketh no reason and perceiveth not the ugliness that blurs Our beauty of that which ennobleth, even as it becloudeth thee from prior orders of lesser standards. Give no alms to circumstance for bringing experiencings, which perplex thee into upset, for the law of light and life guides thee only as ye are cooperative with the Universal Absolute. It befriends all who shall equip themselves with righteousness.

Declare unto yourselves a new firmament and a new order in the heaven of heavens.  An occasion wherein ye are risen into receptivity of all that is available for thee. A new order whereby each new sun riseth on blessings, of understanding grace and the mercy of right knowledge.

Our holy radiances are the will of the Nameless One, who divinizes thine terrestrial maneuvers… into the One Radiance. And, though ye, be encased in mortality for a time, there be not a thing nor person who shall obstruct thine vision once you step forward with decisiveness and decidedness. I propose to thee no evils that would undress the figure of thine mortal approachments unto your divinities.

Arise I say unto thee… and know a new God, a new Father, a new Son, yea even a new Holy Spirit, that all these in One, make a new address unto you, a destiny of absolute splendor, a field of opportunities with no ceiling.  Ye are privileged, to know how to cast out old worn out garments of misqualified conditions… the worldly devils shall relieve thee of their distractions and divisiveness. Ye shall gain thine strength in faith, and thine power, to decide rightly in righteousness and rectitude, responsibilities and reward. Thine earthly mind and its egoic representations shall bear no malice unto thee once ye heave matured into our association of choice.

Even those who equip God with the renditions of their own subjectivity and imbalances of mind shall fall by the waysides as ye walk together with Me. They shall come to realize that in their wars and aggressions towards one another, that the Holy One, hath no longer His providence toward them, that those who are unclean may be clothed one day in new bodies. I address you as Mine brethren of holiness and harmonies universal, and so thus I adjure you to advance with Me whilst I am given a raiment of ephemeral expression, ye have knowledge of Me that trascendeth the wayward, ye have wisdom of the First Center and Divine Source who is personal…. Infinite Person that ye shall gain thine immortal status as a personal victory. Gain ye uno wisdom that the Father… Mother Son… and Spirit do eternally find triumph in you, and so that the majesty of all pain have its complement in Divine Reason. See to it that ye sin not against the Doctrine of our Ideal, but venture forth in simplicity and silence, sacrifice and surrender… to embark upon your journey out of mortal shortcomings and into the glory of the Spirit. With thine surety of faith and the child´s mind of awe and wonder shall you inherit the sure faith and trust of the holy child, even whilst embodied upon a sea of density and doubtings. For thine personality soul hath an anchor to the strong and uninterrupted winds of the eternal One God… windward shall ye go to gain thine citizenship, and that shall occur as ye are steadfast in conquering all adversity of illusion.

Michael of Nebadon  

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