Sunday, January 8, 2017


Rejoice I say unto thee. Rejoice in knowing that I AM with thee .. surrounding thine countenance and consciousness. I build with you upward thine character one gradation at a time. I garner thine misqualifications .. and I ask of thee to raise thineself into righteousness and rectitude .. responsibility and respect .. for the One God Life that you are becoming.

Exult in faith .. hope .. and charity for thyself and all others. Preach the Universal Family of Light and Life by your decision to arise upon Mine Shoulders Universal. Preach by becoming; for the great great Silence speaks in great volumes to all those around you in your sphere of influence at your location of the universes. Be steadfast and constant in your courage to face your dilemmas and transmute these challenges into honor and humility .. hope and patience. Be thou the tolerance of the Universal Absolute who gives and gives of Himself while watching and waiting for all to respond with their life determinations.

Be thou mine children who help to usher in the great expectancies of Spirit. The Father’s love and mercy are steadfast and an unchangeable constancy in you and all around thee. He pours outward from the great Central Core of existence unto all creatures and things regardless of whether or not each deserves to receive. Yet, one’s deserving inclinations come as they make themselves a soul receptacle for truth and honor. I say .. ye must prepare thineself into a soul mind whose priorities are aligned with eternity.

Verily .. I do say to those with an open mind and a heart which seeks the eternal endearments of life everlasting .. the Father’s grace brings salvation to all those who hunger for truth and allow the workings of His love to make them worthy in vibratory activity.

I come in offering to the receptive ones eternal life everlasting. Find your remembrance of the Universal Spirit who loves you with limitless mercy and forgiveness. Let His glory take up residence within thee.

Mine yoke in entering into our association of ascendancy has five characteristics and qualities - respect for the God Life you are within you, responsibility for your authorship of everything that takes place for you and in your life, receptivity to our association together where I can gradually give you the necessary help to have you receive the inheritance of the Infinite, relationship of remembrance within your personal inner communion with the Infinite Father Son, Spirit, and response .. for you are to respond directly and with honesty as we go forward into your transfiguring adjustments, and as I hand back to you those conditions of your own consciousness of God that you had imposed human imperfection upon.

I come to make the blind to see and the deaf to hear the choir of the Infinite who sings throughout the cosmos His Absolute Harmony.

Michael Of Nebadon

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