Friday, January 6, 2017

Salvington Cometh upon Thee

Only you hold the decision which master ye shall follow. Will it be the mortal nature of limitation in you or shall you aspire for the Father's nature wherein ye are to become the radiant children of the One God?

Mine kingdom precepts hold you in your focus upon eight free will powers

...and nine cardinal virtues of the Mother Spirit

...those development spirit virtues are: intuition, understanding, courage, knowledge, counsel, worship, wisdom. Freedom and Relationship are the two supplemental virtues which give you the development within your psyche to take Mine Hand Universal.

These virtues become your values.

and values create priorities and decision.. choices are built upon what is most meaningful and important to you.

As you choose to seek the Father and to know him in you, to become as his nature is, and to realize him in your vibratory life, then do you choose our association of ascendancy.

His absoluteness of ascendancy is My curriculum during this bestowal appearance of mine into the human pastures of existence.

All beings great and small are seeking this alignment of ascendancy.

...this absoluteness of our association wherein you are progressed from mere mortality into the garment of life everlasting.

...this shall not occur automatically; for we are training and tutoring humanity to choose wisely into their own eternal freedom.

...the virtues become values, and values open you to choices that shall eternalize your temperaments and character, your inclinations and tendencies shall become divinized into union with the Father in you. He is your destination. I am at one with Him in you, and I hold Mine own SPirit surrounding and interpenetrating thee as well.

Once you have these virtues instilled in you, then you will crave and hunger for truth absolute... this is the One Objectivity of the universes. It is absolute knowledge.

I am showing you where to look

I am teaching you what to look for within yourselves.

...and I am continuing to give you the keys to the kingdom.

the righteous use of your free will to seek the Father's ascendancy
the avenues of ascendancy

and Mine Ark Of Ascendancy are the eightfold uses of your will.
this is what I am teaching at Salvington

this is our curriculum in the private retreat

after reading and studying, only then shall you be admitted into the initial stages of Salvington

In Salvington, you are becoming immersed within My Consciousness

your life shall become quickened into mastery over all lesser vibratory things.

Adonai beloveds. I bid thee hope for your motivations, and faith for your trust in Me and the endowment of the trinity host.

Michael Of Nebadon

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