Sunday, January 8, 2017

The Bread of Deliverance

Mine children of this Universal Trust. I am the Living Vine of Eternity cometh to make your lives exalted and at peace. I offer thee the Bread of Deliverance... and as ye abide with Me and learn with your humbleness of heart... then shall ye awaken our religious receptivity.

You already possess certain divinely gifted endowments of eternity which will give you access into the new life of spiritual liberty... through consciousness of the God who resides in thee.

Mine ideal offers you a conscious possession of new courage and conviction... the personal levels of faith necessary in your relationship with the Paradise Father.

This shall become for you a new reality which augments thine personal spiritual power and capacity to walk with Me.

Mine gospel will begin to elevate your thoughts and feelings... and your knowing... into an awareness of the One Family of God the Father.

It is this understanding; which shall become for you an evergrowing experience of the spiritual realities all about thee. It shall adjust your vibratory activity... raising you into knowledge and understanding... intuition and insight.

Verily do I reveal to you that humankind is not yet free. Your civilization has yet to give itself birth into the limitlessness of the Father's light and life. Human beings shall become the free inspiration, which dares to hope for eternal life in the evolutionary progression of Universal Citizenship.

I give to thee an enhanced revelation of new confidence and true consolation for all men and women to become. A new and fuller standard of moral values and a renewal of ethical valuations by which ye shall come to measure human conduct. A new order is blossoming upon thine shores of terrestrial planetary living. As you walk with Me; ye shall become the ideal of a resultant new order within your human society.

Give thine allegiance and allowance to the omnipotence of the spiritual realities, which do hold pre-eminence over all things material. Through your adoration and appreciation for the Spiritual, ye shall become the glorified sons and daughters who partake of these spiritual realities and their exalted superhuman ideals.

I say to those personalities with the rigors of righteousness held firmly in their breast... ye are meant to hold high thine spiritual attainment as the true goal of your living in the flesh. What shall it matter to thee, if you build your empires of sand, which the oceans of time and space, shall come and inundate with the waters of change.  Human life is destined to receive, a new endowment of understanding wisdom through this renewal of mind... moral value... and divine dignity.

The endowment of which I speak is an eternal enlargement of thine personhood. It is through your allegiance and attention, given to the eternal realities, wherein ye shall discover the fruit of your earthly life. The resultant rewards of righteously, driven earthly striving, comes as you weave your human virtues into the cardinal virtues of eternity.

Humankind’s short mortal sojourn, in this lifetime must acquire the new and eternal meanings, which deliver them into the recognition of a noble destiny in the greater civilization of the universe.

Verily do I tell thee of this new and higher gospel for human salvation.  It is the revelation of the far and wide, reaching divine purpose to be fulfilled and to be realized, in thy personhood. Mine revealings to thee, shall open into clear sight, the purpose and gestures of eternity in the life of mortal achievements.

Thine future destiny awaits the hand of your free will to decide whether you are ready to enter the higher realms of endless service and intoxicating adventures with the Universal Family of Nebadon.

Michael Of Nebadon

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