Tuesday, February 21, 2017

University of Salvington Society: The Private Dialogues

University Of Salvington Society
Martes 21 de febrero de 2017.

We take steps forward utilizing the assertive currents .. and then we step back and patience takes over .. we allow .. we receive .. we give it to the Almighty One.

You each must learn when and how to use your Life energies and their currents of divinity.

When you utilize the wrong currents .. for example when you are too assertive .. using the assertive male currents .. and when in actuality you must step back and use the feminine currents of patience and receptivity .. then you create unhappiness.

Thine Wholeness shall develop only as you blend these two currents of divinity .. the Life of God in thee .. into a unified force. This unified force is the Cosmic Buddha .. the Christos .. the Shepherd of Salvington.

I do weave the living currents and divinity perceptions of eternity in and through the minds and hearts of your race.

I tailor Mine teachings for the evolutionary moment of this bestowal.

I give you Our Three Endowments of Eternity to educate yourself into alignment and personal direct reciprocal religious relationship.

Endowment of Father

Endowment of Son

Endowment of Spirit

These three Living Endowments reach directly into the hearts and minds of humanity .. and all the earth's kingdoms.

Yet.. no one comes to the Endowment of Father until they have entered and become swollen in consciousness with the Endowments of the Son and the Spirit.

For thine Endowment of Divinity is the Father's Life in you.

The Endowment of the Son is his revelatory word showing the way to embrace the Father.

The Endowment of the Spirit prepares the way to fulfill this revelation.

The Father is the Initiatory Thought .. the Source and Creative Person of all.

The Primal Son is the Father .. yet revealed.

And the Immaculate Spirit is the Preparatory Act who comes into each local Son Universe as the Mother Spirit.
These Three Cardinal Endowments of God are the only Living Circuits of Infinity .. Infinite Intelligence and Power .. Purpose and Plan.

The Catholic Church was originally started by the Host of Heaven.
The Catholic faith has certain truths .. just incomplete and a bit warped by human frailties of mind.

The East India .. Hindus .. have a portion of the understanding. . Yet incomplete too.

I come to unify and clarify these two strains of understanding.  To make luminous the way of the Heavenly.

You are each the children of the Universal Father Son Spirit.

You are unique individuals .. personality .. with the instruments of thought .. feeling .. will.

These shall become unified only through the One Unifying force of the Endowment of the Trinity.

This Three Person Endowment reaches outward from the Core of Consciousness .. Paradise per say .. outward it's lines of living Intelligence circuits touch to all.

As a Michael .. of the Order of Michael .. I act or serve as the Vine of this threefold Endowment.

Extending through My Person these currents of Life for all creatures great and small.

I give myself to this threefold Endowment as it's instrument and personalization in this our local universe.

I and the Infinite Spirit Mother do extend these circuits .. and ye shall achieve thine God Ascent upon these same Circuits of Life.

The Circuits of Consciousness.

Verily now.. do I tell thee according to your receptivity .. respect .. responsibility .. and willingness to enter relationship with Me.

I tell thee many things according to these R's of Remembrance.

I serve as the Father Son Personified.. for I have been created like this to do so. I am simply fulfilling the edict or commands of My Order of Michael.

All religions shall coalesce into this understanding.  All peoples must become obedient to this way. It is not My way .. as i am in sync with the Holy Trinity Personalities.

Yet .. do I immerse Myself in this only way of the Paradise Deity.

I have free will truly... yet after you have stood in the very presence of Paradise Trinity ..the Origins .. truly.. ye shall never falter nor fail to give yourself to these Infinite Persons.

Understand Beloveds??

Adonai everyone.  You are incredibly loved by the Eternity of God.

You are waited to be welcomed with open arms as you achieve this stabilization and securitization in the Life of God the Father.

Always do I appreciate our mutual loving receptivity and recognition. . Respect and admiration for each other everyone.

Michael Of Nebadon
Salvington University

The God Ascent

Verily I tell thee .. there is no such thing as personal Truth. Truth is God's Objectivity beyond the very reach of humankind's personal point of view .. opinions .. perception .. perspectives .. and preconceived ideas.

Truth is the unwavering constancy and the infinite consistency of God who wavers not. He can be relied upon .. he is the stabilization force of existence upon which everyone and everything is sustained.

Personal subjectivity is just that.. subjective. It changes from moment to moment.  It is thusly .. unstable. It is unreliability itself. Subjectivity is the entrapment of the human race because of its personal viewpoints.

Blindness caused by extreme egoism happens over long stretches of time .. and it is the result of the personality choice .. choosing material concerns over the desire for spiritual endowments to become birthed.

It entraps those personalities who have discarded their vigilance .. and their quest to establish the one God within their body .. heart .. and mind. Even their personhood must one day become the vibratory activity of God.

Alignment with Truth requires becoming Truth and thereby .. you are called forth to let go of your personal viewpoints which are the overt subjectivity of as mind swollen by materialization. Ye are often brought closer to your subjectivity so that you can evaluate it's efficacy .. it's resolve.

And to then ..choose more wisely the pursuit of eternal purpose .. spirit will .. and the Father's Everlasting Agenda Of Ascendancy.

Our association of ascendancy demands the letting go of thine subjectivity and the personal ideas regarding God and his simple way of approach.

The advancement into God's Sovereignty is the establishment of his Objectivity in you. This Objectivity gives you the inner space to love unconditionally .. to accept and appreciate what other people experience. 

With Me .. you are raised beyond the insecurities and instabilities of the worldly perspectives into the stability of divine insight through faith .. you gain the marked stature of accessing pure spirit perception through thine  elevated trust .. thine personal perceptions and opinions become transfigured to the degree of offering you the higher sight of Objectivity of God .. a fuller understanding emerges in thine personhood for every circumstance in your life you achieve now the vision of eternity.

Now .. I tell thee that all points of view stem from subjectivity .. material mind .. which is narrowly bound and unevenly spaced. Yet .. subjective points of view must be accepted in your brethren .. your fellows of the earth .. even honored for it is their free will which is designed for evolutionary progression.

I am come to show you the way of Eternity. From the heights of Paradise where time is nonexistent .. and space is One .. all evolutionary prone errors of perceiving and the  misalignments of personality subjectivity is immediately extinguished.

The evolutionary time of the creation occurs slowly .. appearing to be long and enduringly staid .. but if you were to become transported and raised into the higher and more luminous worlds .. the octaves beyond creation .. the earthly errors are transformed with immediacy.
Only upon the time space worlds of evolutionary progress do the errors of your ways appear to you as a long progressive movement out from the materialization of the planets.

In truth.. who is the Actor .. who is the Power and Presence in you? It is God Himself in us and as Us .. who acts. He .. She .. is the only Intelligence in existence.

The human subjectivity is mortal misqualification .. Once you transfigure this human body mind into the vibratory influences of Infinity .. then your subjectivity is cleansed and refined upwards to give you accessibility to God's Immaculate Conception which is his Pure Objectivity.

How to be in the world yet not of its vibratory activities .. is the natural evolutionary change into your divinity. You raise and quicken your life closer unto the next order of humanity.

Hence .. by your daily transfiguration and embracing of misqualification will you achieve this adventure of ascendancy.  The human density of separative conditions becomes then .. the fertilizing soils of a more primitive gestation period which lends itself to your birth .. the Second Birth through the Hands of the Almighty God.

Family of origins .. while a beautiful starting point .. must be usurped for the ever-widening spheres of divine selflessness.  It is a human mortal concept built by memory and its conditions which must be expanded and transfigured over time.

I come to illuminate thine highways of God Ascent into .. first righteousness and respect .. responsibility and receptivity .. remembrance and rectitude. Only then shall your vision meet Us upon the shores of a more brilliant evolutionary progression in your future.

I AM the Living Vine of Consciousness.  All is Mine own. All bodies are My expression .. the ephemeral waves of actualization coming forth into their Immortal Potentialities.

And as all creatures and beings are of Me .. so shall I humbly accept all as the life of God I AM.
All are Mine expression. What I AM .. so shall all one day become; for I am the living demonstration of the next stages for humanity to manifest.

The Father’s consciousness doeth these works which shall bequeath the gifts of his eternity upon each mortal child who yearns for luminous truth and the will of the heavens.

Yet.. for the moment .. these things are clearly beyond the human understanding.

“Thine Decisiveness for the Divinity of You” @nebadonmichael https://medium.com/@nebadonmichael/thine-decisiveness-for-the-divinity-of-you-963feb1f0c16

Michael Of Nebadon
Salvington University
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation

Monday, February 20, 2017

Mine Holy Gospel Ideal Emerges in Thee

Mine holy gospel is the reach of the Trinity Intelligence which desires to raise thine living standards .. to ignite the sovereignty of thy  personality.

Sovereignty comes as ye establish forever the vibratory influences of the Persons of Infinity. Thine self-respect is rescued from its swollen trajectories of debasement and degeneration.

You shall at once recover the dignity of your nobility .. as given to each mortal heart from its beginnings.

Surrender .. I do say .. in order to participate in the great heights of the human experience in seeking to find the Infinite God .. and to make of him thine holy nature in the quest for truth .. for freedom in you to become availed.

Thine mind and its itinerant thoughts of intellect .. this is the arc of your ascendancy into full determination to enter the kingdom .. and to explore it's merits.

Personal religious relationship fosters this very attainment to penetrate the veils of matter .. and to triumph in the great and good adventure of personal Christhhood .. that is to say .. becoming the Shepherd of thine own Sovereignty .. the Buddha of Salvington.

This is what We desire for all of humanity .. yet it shall taketh thee a millennium to unfold the inheritance of the Infinite One. Lifetimes of effort and struggle to bring g to birth thine actualizing soul and personality.

I maketh the way for the lowly and confused. I brighten thine lamps with the Initiatory Wick of eternal life. I catapult mine children of the earth unto this supremacy of all achievements; to walk within the endowments of the Father .. the Primal Son .. and the Imminency of the Immaculate Spirit.

The Father is immediately available to you. He Is attainable and through your adoration of allegiance shall you know him and make your everlasting bonds with his Spirit Sovereignty.

Michael Of Nebadon
University Of Salvington

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Trinity Endowment Trust: A Private Dialogue

Ever am I holding you in the great faith .. the way the Trinity Endowment holds you in your immaculate character and conceiving.

When you share with each other .. share humbly and honestly. Create not an imagery of holding yourself apart from others.

Be thou .. a member in goodly standings of the Totality of Us.

Allow thine awareness to broaden beyond the mortal mindedness.

Make thine contact with the Holy One who lives in thee .. He/She is thine Life and destiny.

Make his presence thine destination to desire in you.

I see that many here still must decide to surrender more to their own Godhood.  They must let go of their controlling anxieties of mind and body.

I've given you the understanding of your endowment of will .. that you are made as God Is. That you each have his creative choice of where to give attention .. and attention is force .. creative power .. which when held with faith trust upon the One Godhood .. it builds consciousness.

Thine expansion in consciousness will devour all opposing conditions in you.

I give you a renewal of mind so that you are driven into righteousness and rectitude .. responsibility and receptivity .. remembrance and respect.

So that you build immortality for yourselves by the approach of ascendancy .. this is the correct use of your creativity as a child of the Source Universal.

Only you can direct yourself upward and inward.  The urge to become the nature of the Father Son and Spirit .. this urge shall elevate and clarify all things.

This urge is the God Impulse which steadily raises you in vibratory destiny. It grows thine character choices into Wholeness.  This inward urge is the great Force of Love which shall give you the Holy capacity for receiving your Inheritance of Infinity.

Thine Inheritance is accessed by adherence to the Plan .. the Law .. and the Will .. of the Heavenly Kingdom.

First .. cooperate with the Life Plan. Second .. concentrate upon fulfillment of the Law of Sowing and Reaping.

Third .. collaborate with the Will of the heavens.

In this orderly unfoldment shall you break free from those vibratory influences of darkness and density .. the materialization of mind and body.

Adonai Mine Holy Brethren who seek to find .. and once finding .. ye shall become actualized and in your adoration of the glories of God.

Welcome.  Now give your gratitude of love to the Father's Life in thee wherein I am.

See him as that Selfhood which is expanding in you...

Michael Of Nebadon

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Our Universal Absoluteness with God's Grace

Our educational fellowship is an everlasting communion together.  We are building a religious relationship with each other as you choose to participate in our association of ascendancy which raises you into the new order of humanity.

This new order has its foundation in true religion .. a religious spirituality of Remembrance and Revelation .. Recognition and Resurrections.

Thine values will be enhanced .. and this shall mature your decisions .. building your  tolerance for holding a more long-term partnership with the Trinity Endowment Trust .. the living circuits of the One Deity.

Insight of the invisible Spirit of God will ripen your higher vision of trust and faith .. necessary for perceiving the workings of the Father's Life acting in and through all circumstances.

Insight through greater understandungs implemented and achieved. This shall be God's Impulse which broadens your reality perspectives and heightens your divinity intuitions.

Perception of the Universal Absoluteness working himself in all personalities and events shall give you greater Consciousness of cooperation with Us. A collaboration will prosper you enormously as you become his Shepherd of constancy in transformation.

Our religious spirituality grows fellowship communion by offering to you an awareness of God in the most mundane situations you will  find yourself in. You will come to see the Father's Impulse in all that you are .. and in all that is around you.

Attaining to a glimpse of his goodness .. truth .. and beauty .. shall become a guiding directive for you .. as you are shaping your personality character into his righteousness and honor; for our religious revelatory relationship will open you to taste of the ever-existence of the eternal One...

His imminency will awaken you into the Kingdom of the Heavenly Host in our Universe. You will become the agents of the Host as you step upward into thine divine stature with righteousness of character and responsiveness in creative free will.

I come to make the blind to perceive light .. and the deaf to hear the life of the Infinite One .. and even further .. I come into thine earthly pastures so that the spiritually lame shall arise upon the wings and wisdom of faith in the One Parenthood of God .. and they shall take up their misqualifications with a goodly accounting .. carrying all things into the illuminated cross of his remembrance.

Our religious revelation shall prepare thee for the new order of humanity wherein the religion of the spirit is demonstrated by the children of the Universal Absoluteness.

Michael Of Nebadon
Salvington University

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Thou Art God's Actualizations of His Becoming

Be of good cheer .. of the brightest and widest countenance .. for it is far more blessed to give to the Parenthood of God and your fellows than to attempt to take from all.

Elevate your mortal sensibilities and your human attentions inwards and upwards. There is no need to be a blind and unreasonable optimist in living your life. Now, you hold within My teachings the approach of the ages which you have asked for and awaited over the centuries.

I say unto thee .. be of good cheer and allow the Father's Life to expand and gradually grow in you. He shall establish harmony with all your human frailties .. and he shall quicken all lesser inclinations upwards. He shall bring to you the full conviction of your faith as you give unto Him just a morsel of your controlling tendencies and the poverty of your pridefulness.  He shall invoke a tenderness in you that gathers the unstoppable steam of Supremacy .. and propels you into the building of your Kingdom within His Presence.

Thine confidence comes from this reciprocal religious relationship of holding personal inner communion and everlasting fellowship with the living circuits of Deity. Ye shall stand humbled before the court of the Universal Father .. and you shall know the Goodness of God.

Your faith will grow wider and deeper .. and this faith of a child who reaches willingly to the hand of the Universal Father shall birth those qualities in you necessary to advance thyself in your universe career unto God's light and life.

His unswerving capacity to respond to your dedicated devotions of single minded attention upon Him .. this shall be an ever raising power that washes away all obstructions and every miswoven struggle from your lifetimes.

Be thou considerate of the divine knowledge I offer to you .. the wisdoms of your willingly partaking of Our association shall be as a beacon of Omnipotence which shines brightly .. illuminating your purpose and purity .. your desire and direction .. even your mortal meanings of interpreting life's circumstances shall become more acquainted with our eternal understanding .. and Our living approach into freedom.

I come into this humankind to enthrall you with My unshakable confidence of trust in the Persons of Trinity Paradise. I lay down before you My Verities leading all into their personal Victories. I touchingly consider your predicaments .. and I love all men and women for the Life of the Universal Absoluteness who lives in each and all personalities.

I give you of My Vision to intoxicate your spirit urge for truth and progression. I reach you with My ever-surrounding Spirit .. it's constancy of conviction .. and its firm omnipotence of mercy shall become for you the eternal potency which stimulates your human potentialities into God's Actualizations. 

Now .. are you able and willing to actualize thine doing of the Father’s Will and Plan. All of Eternity awaits of thee to raise upwards thine mortality into the sustainability of the Almighty One whose stature of divinity you are awakening thyself to become.

Michael Of Nebadon
Salvington University

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

La Bondad y Belleza de Dios

Cuando quiera que te quedes corto en tu fe acerca del suministro inagotable de Dios… y estés tentado a dudar y desconfiar de los asuntos de Su Abundante Presencia… y si cuando te encegueces sin una verdadera visión de Su Inminencia y Su Presencia en todas partes… Su Inteligencia Ilimitada e Infinita… en ese momento Me llamas; porque Yo te he dicho que Yo siempre estaré contigo. Yo te circundo… e interpenetro tu realidad humana. Yo atiendo a Mi rebaño de este Otorgamiento Universal.

Cuando te sientas debilitado en tu confianza por la Bondad y Belleza de Dios… Yo te digo… mata tu desconfianza y sus tentaciones que te conducen a la desesperación, con la espada de tu discipulado Conmigo. Nuestro apostolado no tiene obstrucciones ni enemigos fuera de tus propios errores de pensamiento y sentimiento.

No dudes de la seguridad y protección del Dios Siempre Presente mientras que observas a los azulejos, quienes sabiamente permanecen alertas en sus alrededores de la naturaleza. Llegan casi que de ninguna parte mientras que la provisión se manifiesta para ellos. Ellos no tienen bodegas o graneros en los cuales acopiar sus provisiones. Ni tampoco siembran miedo, ni cosechan sus efectos. No se preocupan por el mañana… no dudan de su fiel alianza con el Creador Uno Infinito.

El Grandioso y Buen Espíritu del Padre es una Presencia en todas partes… no se aventura por allá lejos en el timón de la existencia, pero Su Presencia y Poder siempre permanece contigo. Su Presencia satura el Manto de la Existencia. El Padre provee Su suministro infaliblemente a toda criatura que le ha permitido a Él alcanzarlo, por medio de la santidad de su confiada cooperación y su instinto consciente, al colaborar con Él.

… y aquél quien busca con sinceridad y confianza en Él… éstos indudablemente Lo encontrarán en los rayos matutinos del poder del brillo del sol emanando sobre la Tierra, en las gotas del rocío húmedas y suaves que indudablemente se precipitan desde los éteres, mientras caen desde las hojas de los bosques del mundo. Él/ella quién busca esta Verdad… lo encontrarán a Él allí en todo momento de la Eternidad.

Micael de Nebadon
Salvington University
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation


Whenever you fall short of your faith in God's unending supply .. and you are tempted to doubt and mistrust the affairs of his bountiful presence .. and if and when you become blinded and without true sight of his imminency and his everywhereness .. his limitless and infinite intelligence .. then call upon Me; for have I told you that I am always with you. I surround thee .. and I interpenetrate thine human reality. I tend to Mine flock of this universal trust.

When you are weakened in your trust of God's goodness and beauty .. I say to thee .. slay thine mistrust and its temptations leading into despair with the sword of your discipleship with Me. Our apostleship hath no obstructions nor enemies apart from thine own errors in thinking and feeling.

Doubt not the sureness of God's everpresent watchcare as you take notice of the bluejays who are wisely aware of their surroundings in nature. They come almost out of nowhere as supply becomes made manifest for them. They have no storehouses or barns by which to hoard their acquisitions. Neither do they sow fear nor reap it's effects. They worry not for the morrow .. and they hesitate not in their faithful allegiance to the One Infinite Creatorship.

The Great and Good Father Spirit is an everywhereness .. he ventures not only far away residing at the very helm of existence but his presence and power is with thee always. His presence saturates the fabric of existence. The Father provides his supply unerringly for every creature who has allowed him to reach them through the holiness of their trustful cooperation and mindful instinct to collaborate with him.

...and all who seek with sincerity and trust in him .. these do find him in the morning rays of the power in the sunshine emanating upon the earth, and in the moist and gentle dew drops which do precipitate out from the ethers while falling from the leaves of the forests of the world. He and she who seek his Truth .. they do find him therein at all moments of eternity.

Michael Of Nebadon
Salvington University
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Thine Gathering Force of Love

Command with Me your freedom through the righteous use of will . . .

"I AM Indigo Violet Sacred Fire Quickening .. Infinite Merciful Forgiveness Flame. "

This is thine invocation will .. the power of your attitude and choice to use your time and energies for your eternal life .. your God freedom.

With invocation .. you command constructively .. petitioning the Trinity Endowment.

Verily .. you may say .. Oh God within me that I AM who moves me and motivates me into all goodness .. truth .. and beauty .. come forward and expand thy glory. Glorify me here in the mortal garment .. raise all my human attitudes into righteousness and respect .. responsibility and receptivity .. remembrance and revelation.

I am willing to give myself to you .. and to direct myself into communion consciousness with you .. even as my misqualifications arise .. I will be your sovereign shepherd .. redirecting myself to you Father God.

In the righteousness of will .. you are utilizing your eternal endowment .. the gifts of Heaven .. in the highest way .. with the wisest of wisdom. You are gathering the great Force of your own God nature .. directing this force for your fulfillment and freedom.

This is the destination of God in you and with you .. wherein this spirit of Life becomes personalized .. and the human personality becomes eternalized forever.

Together .. let us now give our holy petitioning for our freedom .. for thine freedom is certainly My freedom.

Give this communication command with full determination of overflowing faith trust .. I tell thee .. the Universal Persons of Infinite Deity .. hear you .. We listen .. the Persons of Infinity reach humanity through these petitionings of purity.

You command constructively in the midst of any chaos.. Thus, you override all ephemeral chaos with the will of heaven. This is the very thing which the Infinite Deity needs from all human beings in order to allow the advancements of ascendancy.

Michael Of Nebadon
Salvington University
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation

Friday, February 3, 2017

Thine Inheritance in Eternity

The Spirit of the Father is thine eternity possibility; human beings retain the personality possibility for that Spirit of God who has taken up residence in you.

This same Spirit of My Father God dwells in you with the express purpose and directive of spiritizing and eternalizing you in the express charity and great hope of accomplishing this eternalizing purpose; to raise your mortal personality mind and body into its immortal stature as a son and daughter of the Absoluteness of the Source. This merely begins your journey inwards unto Paradise.

Your temporal identity of personality sits at the midway point between the spiritizing efforts of God the Father, and your human mortal life which seeks survival upon the great plains of eternity.  The Spirit Presence of God in you is a tiny portion of the Infinite Person of Deity who .. through great trust faith .. has come to live within the human mind and heart. Here this Spirit is Absolute Will and Purpose, Direction and Plan. It is saturated with the majestic beauty and selfless bestowing mercy and compassion of the First and Only Father of all spirits.

God's Spirit presence in you seeks that eternal marriage .. the wedding into personalizing Itself with your mortal personality soul to become established within the very next order of being for human life. It desires to take these very next steps which firmly and unwaveringly create harmony and order for you. It becometh personal, and you becometh of the soul.

The indwelling Spirit of Love which animates you and motivates all upward constructive impulses does truly and magnificently adore you .. It loves you and in this venture with your mortal selfhood it is willing to undergo all things in favor of that time of all lifetime wherein it can bring you .. the human personality .. into everlasting union with Itself.

It is said throughout the cosmos that "the Father's Spirit leaps for joy and expresses the utmost of gratitude when contact is made with Its human counterpart in the flesh..."

Truly, this Spirit of God loves you greatly and with an unwavering dedication towards raising you into the fullness of God's glory. It is your divine endowment of Life which loves you without hesitation. Unconditionally this Spirit Presence has placed Itself within your mind to augment the mind's capacities, and to quicken all propensities of mortal character into hope, charity, and everlasting God acknowledgement.

The Father within you is Spirit, Formless Power and Grace, Will and Purpose, Intelligence and Consciousness. He longs for the attainment of your mortal mind's developing advancement into the promise of eternity, and so, that the loneliness and isolation of thine mortal experience may be brought to it's fulfillment of closure by advancing its human stature into more and more of the divinity potentials at hand.

. . . that you each may be delivered from the more primitive planetary levels of material limitation and lack into the luminous glory and mercy of your inheritance in Eternity.

Michael Of Nebadon
Salvington University
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation

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