Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Our Universal Absoluteness with God's Grace

Our educational fellowship is an everlasting communion together.  We are building a religious relationship with each other as you choose to participate in our association of ascendancy which raises you into the new order of humanity.

This new order has its foundation in true religion .. a religious spirituality of Remembrance and Revelation .. Recognition and Resurrections.

Thine values will be enhanced .. and this shall mature your decisions .. building your  tolerance for holding a more long-term partnership with the Trinity Endowment Trust .. the living circuits of the One Deity.

Insight of the invisible Spirit of God will ripen your higher vision of trust and faith .. necessary for perceiving the workings of the Father's Life acting in and through all circumstances.

Insight through greater understandungs implemented and achieved. This shall be God's Impulse which broadens your reality perspectives and heightens your divinity intuitions.

Perception of the Universal Absoluteness working himself in all personalities and events shall give you greater Consciousness of cooperation with Us. A collaboration will prosper you enormously as you become his Shepherd of constancy in transformation.

Our religious spirituality grows fellowship communion by offering to you an awareness of God in the most mundane situations you will  find yourself in. You will come to see the Father's Impulse in all that you are .. and in all that is around you.

Attaining to a glimpse of his goodness .. truth .. and beauty .. shall become a guiding directive for you .. as you are shaping your personality character into his righteousness and honor; for our religious revelatory relationship will open you to taste of the ever-existence of the eternal One...

His imminency will awaken you into the Kingdom of the Heavenly Host in our Universe. You will become the agents of the Host as you step upward into thine divine stature with righteousness of character and responsiveness in creative free will.

I come to make the blind to perceive light .. and the deaf to hear the life of the Infinite One .. and even further .. I come into thine earthly pastures so that the spiritually lame shall arise upon the wings and wisdom of faith in the One Parenthood of God .. and they shall take up their misqualifications with a goodly accounting .. carrying all things into the illuminated cross of his remembrance.

Our religious revelation shall prepare thee for the new order of humanity wherein the religion of the spirit is demonstrated by the children of the Universal Absoluteness.

Michael Of Nebadon
Salvington University

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