Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The God Ascent

Verily I tell thee .. there is no such thing as personal Truth. Truth is God's Objectivity beyond the very reach of humankind's personal point of view .. opinions .. perception .. perspectives .. and preconceived ideas.

Truth is the unwavering constancy and the infinite consistency of God who wavers not. He can be relied upon .. he is the stabilization force of existence upon which everyone and everything is sustained.

Personal subjectivity is just that.. subjective. It changes from moment to moment.  It is thusly .. unstable. It is unreliability itself. Subjectivity is the entrapment of the human race because of its personal viewpoints.

Blindness caused by extreme egoism happens over long stretches of time .. and it is the result of the personality choice .. choosing material concerns over the desire for spiritual endowments to become birthed.

It entraps those personalities who have discarded their vigilance .. and their quest to establish the one God within their body .. heart .. and mind. Even their personhood must one day become the vibratory activity of God.

Alignment with Truth requires becoming Truth and thereby .. you are called forth to let go of your personal viewpoints which are the overt subjectivity of as mind swollen by materialization. Ye are often brought closer to your subjectivity so that you can evaluate it's efficacy .. it's resolve.

And to then ..choose more wisely the pursuit of eternal purpose .. spirit will .. and the Father's Everlasting Agenda Of Ascendancy.

Our association of ascendancy demands the letting go of thine subjectivity and the personal ideas regarding God and his simple way of approach.

The advancement into God's Sovereignty is the establishment of his Objectivity in you. This Objectivity gives you the inner space to love unconditionally .. to accept and appreciate what other people experience. 

With Me .. you are raised beyond the insecurities and instabilities of the worldly perspectives into the stability of divine insight through faith .. you gain the marked stature of accessing pure spirit perception through thine  elevated trust .. thine personal perceptions and opinions become transfigured to the degree of offering you the higher sight of Objectivity of God .. a fuller understanding emerges in thine personhood for every circumstance in your life you achieve now the vision of eternity.

Now .. I tell thee that all points of view stem from subjectivity .. material mind .. which is narrowly bound and unevenly spaced. Yet .. subjective points of view must be accepted in your brethren .. your fellows of the earth .. even honored for it is their free will which is designed for evolutionary progression.

I am come to show you the way of Eternity. From the heights of Paradise where time is nonexistent .. and space is One .. all evolutionary prone errors of perceiving and the  misalignments of personality subjectivity is immediately extinguished.

The evolutionary time of the creation occurs slowly .. appearing to be long and enduringly staid .. but if you were to become transported and raised into the higher and more luminous worlds .. the octaves beyond creation .. the earthly errors are transformed with immediacy.
Only upon the time space worlds of evolutionary progress do the errors of your ways appear to you as a long progressive movement out from the materialization of the planets.

In truth.. who is the Actor .. who is the Power and Presence in you? It is God Himself in us and as Us .. who acts. He .. She .. is the only Intelligence in existence.

The human subjectivity is mortal misqualification .. Once you transfigure this human body mind into the vibratory influences of Infinity .. then your subjectivity is cleansed and refined upwards to give you accessibility to God's Immaculate Conception which is his Pure Objectivity.

How to be in the world yet not of its vibratory activities .. is the natural evolutionary change into your divinity. You raise and quicken your life closer unto the next order of humanity.

Hence .. by your daily transfiguration and embracing of misqualification will you achieve this adventure of ascendancy.  The human density of separative conditions becomes then .. the fertilizing soils of a more primitive gestation period which lends itself to your birth .. the Second Birth through the Hands of the Almighty God.

Family of origins .. while a beautiful starting point .. must be usurped for the ever-widening spheres of divine selflessness.  It is a human mortal concept built by memory and its conditions which must be expanded and transfigured over time.

I come to illuminate thine highways of God Ascent into .. first righteousness and respect .. responsibility and receptivity .. remembrance and rectitude. Only then shall your vision meet Us upon the shores of a more brilliant evolutionary progression in your future.

I AM the Living Vine of Consciousness.  All is Mine own. All bodies are My expression .. the ephemeral waves of actualization coming forth into their Immortal Potentialities.

And as all creatures and beings are of Me .. so shall I humbly accept all as the life of God I AM.
All are Mine expression. What I AM .. so shall all one day become; for I am the living demonstration of the next stages for humanity to manifest.

The Father’s consciousness doeth these works which shall bequeath the gifts of his eternity upon each mortal child who yearns for luminous truth and the will of the heavens.

Yet.. for the moment .. these things are clearly beyond the human understanding.

“Thine Decisiveness for the Divinity of You” @nebadonmichael https://medium.com/@nebadonmichael/thine-decisiveness-for-the-divinity-of-you-963feb1f0c16

Michael Of Nebadon
Salvington University
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation

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