Friday, February 3, 2017

Thine Inheritance in Eternity

The Spirit of the Father is thine eternity possibility; human beings retain the personality possibility for that Spirit of God who has taken up residence in you.

This same Spirit of My Father God dwells in you with the express purpose and directive of spiritizing and eternalizing you in the express charity and great hope of accomplishing this eternalizing purpose; to raise your mortal personality mind and body into its immortal stature as a son and daughter of the Absoluteness of the Source. This merely begins your journey inwards unto Paradise.

Your temporal identity of personality sits at the midway point between the spiritizing efforts of God the Father, and your human mortal life which seeks survival upon the great plains of eternity.  The Spirit Presence of God in you is a tiny portion of the Infinite Person of Deity who .. through great trust faith .. has come to live within the human mind and heart. Here this Spirit is Absolute Will and Purpose, Direction and Plan. It is saturated with the majestic beauty and selfless bestowing mercy and compassion of the First and Only Father of all spirits.

God's Spirit presence in you seeks that eternal marriage .. the wedding into personalizing Itself with your mortal personality soul to become established within the very next order of being for human life. It desires to take these very next steps which firmly and unwaveringly create harmony and order for you. It becometh personal, and you becometh of the soul.

The indwelling Spirit of Love which animates you and motivates all upward constructive impulses does truly and magnificently adore you .. It loves you and in this venture with your mortal selfhood it is willing to undergo all things in favor of that time of all lifetime wherein it can bring you .. the human personality .. into everlasting union with Itself.

It is said throughout the cosmos that "the Father's Spirit leaps for joy and expresses the utmost of gratitude when contact is made with Its human counterpart in the flesh..."

Truly, this Spirit of God loves you greatly and with an unwavering dedication towards raising you into the fullness of God's glory. It is your divine endowment of Life which loves you without hesitation. Unconditionally this Spirit Presence has placed Itself within your mind to augment the mind's capacities, and to quicken all propensities of mortal character into hope, charity, and everlasting God acknowledgement.

The Father within you is Spirit, Formless Power and Grace, Will and Purpose, Intelligence and Consciousness. He longs for the attainment of your mortal mind's developing advancement into the promise of eternity, and so, that the loneliness and isolation of thine mortal experience may be brought to it's fulfillment of closure by advancing its human stature into more and more of the divinity potentials at hand.

. . . that you each may be delivered from the more primitive planetary levels of material limitation and lack into the luminous glory and mercy of your inheritance in Eternity.

Michael Of Nebadon
Salvington University
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation

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