Sunday, February 19, 2017

Trinity Endowment Trust: A Private Dialogue

Ever am I holding you in the great faith .. the way the Trinity Endowment holds you in your immaculate character and conceiving.

When you share with each other .. share humbly and honestly. Create not an imagery of holding yourself apart from others.

Be thou .. a member in goodly standings of the Totality of Us.

Allow thine awareness to broaden beyond the mortal mindedness.

Make thine contact with the Holy One who lives in thee .. He/She is thine Life and destiny.

Make his presence thine destination to desire in you.

I see that many here still must decide to surrender more to their own Godhood.  They must let go of their controlling anxieties of mind and body.

I've given you the understanding of your endowment of will .. that you are made as God Is. That you each have his creative choice of where to give attention .. and attention is force .. creative power .. which when held with faith trust upon the One Godhood .. it builds consciousness.

Thine expansion in consciousness will devour all opposing conditions in you.

I give you a renewal of mind so that you are driven into righteousness and rectitude .. responsibility and receptivity .. remembrance and respect.

So that you build immortality for yourselves by the approach of ascendancy .. this is the correct use of your creativity as a child of the Source Universal.

Only you can direct yourself upward and inward.  The urge to become the nature of the Father Son and Spirit .. this urge shall elevate and clarify all things.

This urge is the God Impulse which steadily raises you in vibratory destiny. It grows thine character choices into Wholeness.  This inward urge is the great Force of Love which shall give you the Holy capacity for receiving your Inheritance of Infinity.

Thine Inheritance is accessed by adherence to the Plan .. the Law .. and the Will .. of the Heavenly Kingdom.

First .. cooperate with the Life Plan. Second .. concentrate upon fulfillment of the Law of Sowing and Reaping.

Third .. collaborate with the Will of the heavens.

In this orderly unfoldment shall you break free from those vibratory influences of darkness and density .. the materialization of mind and body.

Adonai Mine Holy Brethren who seek to find .. and once finding .. ye shall become actualized and in your adoration of the glories of God.

Welcome.  Now give your gratitude of love to the Father's Life in thee wherein I am.

See him as that Selfhood which is expanding in you...

Michael Of Nebadon

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