Tuesday, February 21, 2017

University of Salvington Society: The Private Dialogues

University Of Salvington Society
Martes 21 de febrero de 2017.

We take steps forward utilizing the assertive currents .. and then we step back and patience takes over .. we allow .. we receive .. we give it to the Almighty One.

You each must learn when and how to use your Life energies and their currents of divinity.

When you utilize the wrong currents .. for example when you are too assertive .. using the assertive male currents .. and when in actuality you must step back and use the feminine currents of patience and receptivity .. then you create unhappiness.

Thine Wholeness shall develop only as you blend these two currents of divinity .. the Life of God in thee .. into a unified force. This unified force is the Cosmic Buddha .. the Christos .. the Shepherd of Salvington.

I do weave the living currents and divinity perceptions of eternity in and through the minds and hearts of your race.

I tailor Mine teachings for the evolutionary moment of this bestowal.

I give you Our Three Endowments of Eternity to educate yourself into alignment and personal direct reciprocal religious relationship.

Endowment of Father

Endowment of Son

Endowment of Spirit

These three Living Endowments reach directly into the hearts and minds of humanity .. and all the earth's kingdoms.

Yet.. no one comes to the Endowment of Father until they have entered and become swollen in consciousness with the Endowments of the Son and the Spirit.

For thine Endowment of Divinity is the Father's Life in you.

The Endowment of the Son is his revelatory word showing the way to embrace the Father.

The Endowment of the Spirit prepares the way to fulfill this revelation.

The Father is the Initiatory Thought .. the Source and Creative Person of all.

The Primal Son is the Father .. yet revealed.

And the Immaculate Spirit is the Preparatory Act who comes into each local Son Universe as the Mother Spirit.
These Three Cardinal Endowments of God are the only Living Circuits of Infinity .. Infinite Intelligence and Power .. Purpose and Plan.

The Catholic Church was originally started by the Host of Heaven.
The Catholic faith has certain truths .. just incomplete and a bit warped by human frailties of mind.

The East India .. Hindus .. have a portion of the understanding. . Yet incomplete too.

I come to unify and clarify these two strains of understanding.  To make luminous the way of the Heavenly.

You are each the children of the Universal Father Son Spirit.

You are unique individuals .. personality .. with the instruments of thought .. feeling .. will.

These shall become unified only through the One Unifying force of the Endowment of the Trinity.

This Three Person Endowment reaches outward from the Core of Consciousness .. Paradise per say .. outward it's lines of living Intelligence circuits touch to all.

As a Michael .. of the Order of Michael .. I act or serve as the Vine of this threefold Endowment.

Extending through My Person these currents of Life for all creatures great and small.

I give myself to this threefold Endowment as it's instrument and personalization in this our local universe.

I and the Infinite Spirit Mother do extend these circuits .. and ye shall achieve thine God Ascent upon these same Circuits of Life.

The Circuits of Consciousness.

Verily now.. do I tell thee according to your receptivity .. respect .. responsibility .. and willingness to enter relationship with Me.

I tell thee many things according to these R's of Remembrance.

I serve as the Father Son Personified.. for I have been created like this to do so. I am simply fulfilling the edict or commands of My Order of Michael.

All religions shall coalesce into this understanding.  All peoples must become obedient to this way. It is not My way .. as i am in sync with the Holy Trinity Personalities.

Yet .. do I immerse Myself in this only way of the Paradise Deity.

I have free will truly... yet after you have stood in the very presence of Paradise Trinity ..the Origins .. truly.. ye shall never falter nor fail to give yourself to these Infinite Persons.

Understand Beloveds??

Adonai everyone.  You are incredibly loved by the Eternity of God.

You are waited to be welcomed with open arms as you achieve this stabilization and securitization in the Life of God the Father.

Always do I appreciate our mutual loving receptivity and recognition. . Respect and admiration for each other everyone.

Michael Of Nebadon
Salvington University

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