Saturday, March 4, 2017

My Will for Thee is True Relationship

It is the way of immaturity and darkness to spend opious amounts of effort upon things which matter not in the least to the Father of Lights.

For too long hath humankind struggled with each other over insignificant doctrine; for I do tell you, they weep over intellectual sayings yet they stand further and still further from embodiment of the truth which would appease their cravings for freedom and clarity.

Too long have they said, the traditions have taught us this or that understanding. I tell you, beloved, women and men are blind to perceive correctly and in accordance with their best interests. They stand from generation to generation remaining ignorant. They come unto me crying within the privacy of their own mind thoughts. They say to Me .. save us, we beseech thee! If you are him who you say, then come and help us to overcome these travesties and challenges which have been brought upon us.

I smile at them with compassion and the desire to see them arise and walk upright in righteousness and rectitude of Spirit. In pity .. I reach for them, yet they are unreceptive and wanting to remain ignorant, and are immoveable in their mortal stature of darkness. The density of thought and emotion keeps them tranquilized into lack and limited thinkings. They have not understanding, they say things they know not, they command erroneously and attempt their decrees upon things .. to attempt to influence circumstances in their favor and utilize Me to be their servant.

Mine heart shall not nor ever sanction the self-serving diatribes and destructiveness of human beings who are presupposed towards falsehood. They use Me or attempt to .. claiming that I am head of their church or that I am channeling through them, or even that it is My will that this thing or that occur between two opposing parties. I say beloved, I do it not.

My will for thee is true relationship with the Universal Father Son Spirit who shall raise you upwards into fellowship communion and the fulfillment of Love.

I say unto you, my will is as the heart of a child that is guileless, it doth not beg issues with savants who make boastings built upon arrogance and ignorance. My will is love for each one of you who strive towards truth and sincerity; for My Spirit Persona is of the Universal Father and Primal Son .. and these facets of the Trinity do come together as the Deity of Supremacy in their outworkings and ministry.

Come and enter into My Ideal, and ye shall stand unified and made alive by its rigors and responsibilities. You shall become manly and womanly only as you give thyself to the God who lives in thine midst, and who seeks thine atonement, who reckons thee towards adoration, and who fosters thine personality in its becoming whole and mature.

My Father's Kingdom shall be as a quaking which stimulates your progression into Light, and which amplifies your ascendancy towards Life itself.

Michael Of Nebadon
University Of Salvington

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