Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Separation of the Wheat from the Chaff

Everyone .. let me remind you that our association together clarifies your life and personal world as you adhere to My Ideal .. the Endowment of Eternity.

This Endowment guides thee in separating the Wheat of your God Life as Cause .. from the chaff of the effects and the ephemeral appearance of your life.

Contemplate what I am saying herein. Seek to gain your visionary faith in this wisdom.

The vast populace tends to live in the chaff while ignoring and avoiding and rebelling from the Wheat of their God Life Energies.

Their effects .. the chaff or husks .. return to each personality mind for the embracing eternity exercises.  These exercises build your endowment of will properly towards God.

Remember when I shared with you regarding the secret of your will; it hath powers to conquer all things when properly applied each and every day.

These eightfold endowment of will powers are your natural and normal gifts as a personality mind soul who strives for fulfilling the Father's edict .. "to become thou perfected as He Is."

In the creation .. effort and striving are necessary. Surrender and sacrifice are the weights which build character and consciousness .. considerateness and cooperation. The lesser mortal nature must be shepherded by the personality and its will endowment.

This understanding is your mastery. It is the way and truth I AM and thou art truly becoming in actualization.

Choose not to go the way of the  easy least resistance .. Instead .. become Mine Shepherd of Salvington and earn thine Holy Sovereignty in the Life of the Father.

I extend to you the Mercy of the Originating Son who draws all men and women .. creatures in the trillions .. to Himself.

Be ever and always seeking upwards .. walking inwards to unwed thyself from the intoxications of the ephemeral things of the world.

I AM Michael Of Nebadon Father Son Personified .. Hand of God the Sevenfold .. Infinite Spirit and Merciful Forgiveness Unified.

Remember. . As you desire to serve God the Father in you .. then you must command thyself into righteousness and rectitude .. responsibility and remembrance .. receptivity and recognition .. realization and revelation.

Then are you walking with Me into the Kingdom of Love.

Michael Of Nebadon
University Of Salvington

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