Thursday, March 2, 2017

Thine Father Source Giveth

The Father giveth his wisdom and love through all creatures. His radiance fosters endurance and everlasting poise and purity .. proximity to him shall you discover as you allow his purifying power to raise your sights and refine your character into godliness. 

All thine comings and goings from the womb of flesh shall become the impetus towards your graduation from this grade. Resplendent shall ye become as you walk upright In dignity and devotion .. determination of rightful desire for God.

It shall be your shield and your bow and arrow to command thyself as the Sovereign Shepherd of Salvington.

Is this not what you search for? Are you making of thine opportunities for justice and liberty? Shall you glorify the Life of God the First Source who lives in you?

Verily .. I say that as ye seek and find the godhood living in you .. ye shall in no wise understand the murmurings of the Eternal One. For the Eternal One is not alone on a mountaintop separate from his creation. He is ever and always a landing place for all personalities to experience. He is experiencing you even as ye seek the enjoyment of him.

The everlasting perspectives of spirit shall be as a lusciously emerging landscape which showers it's attendants with atonement. He is a place by which ye shall gather thine attitudes into fruitful bearings which anoint your seekings .. and overturn your self-betrayals.

The Father is Spirit Wholeness .. and thine own  wholehearted awareness becomes the watering spout from which your freedom emerges.

Ye undertake a journey into the Infinite which hath no ending nor shall you arrive upon this gathering in the way you began.

For he changes you in all ways .. and he washes clean and clear thine pettiness and subjective peculiarities.

Our association of ascendancy is as a great torrent .. a wind bringing adjustments and advancements that make of thee his personalizations.

I do come unto you manifesting Mine Spirit Persona. I give you Mine Counsel .. and do I always offer to you My Considerations to ponder .. to contemplate .. to coalesce thine very Selfhood.

I have continued to give you of My forethought .. My hindsight which hath the ribbons of wisdom embellishing it's gifts.

I encourage thee to become wisdom itself .. love itself .. to embody mercy as an unfolding force of God Light in all its terrestrial capacities.

I stir the embers of thine barnfires which .. once set into motion .. shall be as a beacon .. a craving which sets thine entire world aflame with the dedicated devotions for truth and everlasting fellowship.

Michael Of Nebadon
University Of Salvington
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation

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