Saturday, July 29, 2017

Behold Mine brethren

Behold Mine brethren of the evolutionary races  .. ye shall become arisen from the tomb of mortality as you give yourself to the Father’s Initiatory Life in you.

Give to God by sharing thine personal ephemeral life with him.

I instruct thee in your Intimacy with the Infinite Persons of Paradise Trinity Absoluteness.

Build a relationship with the Spirit of God .. the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter of My Being .. the Spirit of the Universe Mother and her Planetary Administration.

Intimacy with God necesitates your character righteousness and rectitude.  Ye shall become enlivened with a contrite heart prepared to be responsible for your nature as emerging sons and daughters of God.

Intimacy with God develops you into a more perfectly unified personality. Give all of thyself to the Father’s Kingdom. Generate empowered love and unconditional acceptance and adoring appreciation for the Life of God the Father who lives in you continually giving to you his light substance at all times.

Intimacy with God matures you into becoming a giver to God of your attention and acknowledgement .. thine alignment of heart shall give itself to him. It shall cause thee to advance further along towards his Kingdom of Redemption and Revelation.

I come once again .. returned to the earth .. bringing illumination of mind and a quality of heart unknown to the evolutionary personality. Reach thou upwards into the Parenthood of God. Enter into the Brotherhood of men and women. Ye shall be experts in carrying thine misqualifications into the Purifying Power of the Father’s Initiatory House.

Invite Me. Receive if My Spirit. Come to Me with respect for the God Life in you. Be wholehearted in willingness to act upon My instructions. 

My precepts of Intimacy with the Paradise Trinity Parenthood is the way to have a life more abundant and nourishing. Intimacy with God through Mine Precepts shall fill you with this joy producing Truthfulness.

Ye shall become enlivened with great joy and happiness as you partake of My Word of the Eternal Son of Paradise. He is the perfect pattern and expression of God the Father and the Father’s Kingdom Ideal.

Behold .. I maketh the weary athirst for advancement .. the lame to walk upon the dusty road of growth and ripening maturity .. I elevate the hearts and minds of the deaf in order to hear truth and live with truthfulness which shall become a human virtue once more .. and I heal thine sight .. thine vision .. with the inspiration for Our orderliness .. Our progressive ascent into the Father's Kingdom of Everlasting Life for every race and religion .. each human individual shall taketh up their own willingness to cooperate and collaborate with My Universal Sovereignty and Administration of Ascendancy.

Michael Of Nebadon

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Seek the Father earnestly

Seek the Father earnestly and with full determination.

Invite Mine Presence in the Comforter Spirit of Truth.

Engage with the Universe Mother Spirit and her Host.

Knowledge and Understanding await those personalities who are willingly desirous of freedom.

Behold I say .. the Kingdom of My Father God is present through the doorway of your own Godhood.

My Father God unveils all hidden secrets of the personality.

I sayeth to thee .. harbor nothing from the Immaculate Infinite Intelligence of the Trinity Source.

Place thyselves in close proximity to the Father’s Initiatory Life in you.

Be thou of Our gladness and joyfulness as you apply the Tenfold Precepts of the Kingdom of God in you. This personalised intimacy with the Infinite Persons of Deity shall give you all that you are craving.

I come as thine Universal Parent with the Infinite Mother Spirit and the Planetary Administration to raise you into mastery.

Thine earthly travails and tribulations shall become an occurrence of the past for you .. only as you remain vigilant with vulnerability and the wholehearted willingness to view yourself in all ways.

I come to release you from the chains of density and materialized light. To place you into this intimacy with God who has sent a fragment of Himself to live in you .. and as your very Lifehood.

I sustain you in this emergence of your own flowering grace. I nourish you with the Spirit Power of the First and Second Persons of Divinity. I quicken you beyond the darkness of rebelliousness and the discoloration of your consciousness.

These ways are of the Paradise Trinity Parenthood offering to the apostles of truth the approach of ascendancy. . .

Michael Of Nebadon

The Kingdom of which I preach

The Kingdom of which I preach unto humanity is this Paradise Parenthood of the Trinity Source, and thine Brotherhood and Sisterhood within this Kingdom of the Universes.
Thine entrance into this sublime Kingdom occurs through your personal Intimacy with the Infinite Persons of Trinity Absoluteness.

And I have offered you My strategies of Spirit Supremacy as you embark upon the journey from human consciousness and mortal material mindedness towards the revealed actuality of experience in the divine consciousness at one with the Spirit of God Life brought forth by an aspiring and advancing mind and wholehearted free will.

Michael Of Nebadon

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

I AM Returned to Guide the Sincerest of Seekers

Those who believe in the Creator Son of Paradise Origins who has come into the earth to raise the dead .. to maketh the blind to see and the deaf to hear .. these personalities shall be drawn My way. They shall erase the errors of their past.

Yea .. these are Mine apostles of the 21st century who have made themselves ready for the abundance of the Absolute Love.

Come thou child of the universes .. enter now and wait no longer. The opportunity of the centuries gathers steam and force for thee.

Thine heavenly excursion hath momentum and power to cleanse every jot and tittle of misqualified ephemerality.

Knoweth what I say, beloved?

Thine moment of the centuries of lifetimes converges now with Me. I bid of thee humility and the need for the great and good Objectivity of God the Father.


Michael Of Nebadon

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

As ye Identify, so is your attention placed.

 Identify with the One Singular God Power who is imminent and everywhere. His Force hath dominion over all things, and every circumstance shall reflect wheresoever you have chosen in Identification.

God .. the Nameless Immaculate Conception .. is truly an everywhereness.  He overwhelms everything. His Light is the One Intelligence bringing forth all Actualizations.

Be cultivating the D's of Devotion - Dedication towards the One Father, Discernment between falsehood and truth, Desire which raises you into Our Constructive Communion, Dependence upon only God for all things.

Now, are ye of a mind fostering the developing Will of Freedom.

Michael Of Nebadon

Saturday, July 22, 2017

The Universal Father reveals Mine coming

The Universal Father reveals Mine coming only to those individuals with the faith vision awakening .. the trustful imagination as a child who possesses a heart of awe and wonder for their existence .. a mind thirsting for advancement .. a soul blossoming in it's need for the Absoluteness of Ascendancy within the Kingdom of the Heavenly Father.

Michael Of Nebadon
Jesus Of Nazareth

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Un receptáculo de fe

Sed vosotros… utilizando vuestra mente en su intencionado uso… como un receptáculo de fe, para la comunión con el Infinito Espíritu del Padre/Hijo.

Vosotros sostenéis dones venidos desde los Cielos, los que están diseñados para vuestra libertad y maestría. Aplicad correctamente Mis preceptos de las Décuples I´s del Reino. Aquí, encontraréis vuestra relación con el Padre Infinito, expandiéndose y  creciendo… madurad vuestro carácter hacia la rectitud y el honor… y elevad vuestra soberanía vibratoria con gracia y perdón. 


Michael Of Nebadon
University Of Salvington


A faith receptacle

Be thou .. utilizing your mind in its intended use .. as a faith receptacle for communion with the Infinite Father Son Spirit.

You hold gifts from the Heavens which are designed for your freedom and mastery. Apply rightly Mine precepts of the tenfold I's of the Kingdom. Herein, ye shall find your relationship with the Infinite Father expanding and growing .. maturing thine character into righteousness and honor .. and elevating your vibratory sovereignty with grace and forgiveness.


Michael Of Nebadon
University Of Salvington

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Verily verily

Verily verily do I instruct thee in the wisdom of eternity ..

Mortal mind which adores and is subservient to matter is making its choice in materiality. It shall cause the extinction of personality.

Yet do I tell thee .. a mind reaching with devotion for the Spirit of Life is building it's treasures upon the stability of Spirit.

It is destined to advance further along the byways of everlasting Life and eternal dominion shall grow in this kind of personality mind. Eventually, a mind beholden to spiritual values and the higher virtues of eternity shall be increasing it's association with Us.

The goal of your life is union with the Paradise Spirit living in you. Purpose emerges with great clarity as you develop intimacy with the Spirit of Infinity. Priorities align with Our Ideal and its precepts and way. Meanings grow with boldness of understanding and knowledgeable merit.

Now .. are ye Mine apostles of ascendancy who yearn for the Father’s Initiatory Thought .. his Kingdom Life .. as you are building a destiny in becoming exponentially spiritized .. eternalizing all ephemeral substance .. all thine nature shall grow into its designed maturity.

...our association together raises your personal preferences into God's preferences and his will. Our association fuses you as personality with the portion of the Father's eternality living in you. Your personality survives the material onslaught of bodily urges and sensory inclinations. Your intellectual mind serves the eternal purpose of our fellowship. The heart is healed as the mind is everlastingly woven together with the Spirit of God.

The ultimate purpose and overarching goal of candidacy for graduation from the lifetimes of learning begins to taketh hold .. giving peace and quiet proximity with the Kingdom of Love.

Michael Of Nebadon
University Of Salvington

Follow in My way

Believe as I believe. Follow in My way and truth and life.

Live Mine precepts of giving. Handing thyself daily to this eternalizing .. spiritualizing embrace of eternity. 

Offer thine selfhood with its misqualifications and mistaken self images into this imminently present and available intimacy with the Paradise Spirit of God the Father in you.

Become .. absorb .. bring value to the virtues of the human experience by transforming thine nature into the very nature of the Person of God the Father who is all goodness, generosity, gentleness and genuineness.

Now .. ye are Mine apostles who are discovering their discipline and discipleship with the Creator.

I come into your garment of flesh and mortality to maketh eternal sons and daughters of thee.

Michael Of Nebadon
University Of Salvington

Thursday, July 13, 2017

A Genuine Spontaneous Communion

Thine faith shall blossom into the fruit of joyfulness as you give yourself to the Life of the Father in you.

Ignite your intimacy with the vastness of Infinity. He is thine Indwellor .. the destiny of the awakened mind which hungers for the Father’s Nature of goodness and truth.

These developments will show themselves to the apostle of truth who is wholehearted with the willingness to foster directly personal communion with God.

Our Invisualization Faith builds maturity in your spirit perception. Our faith expands exponentially as the outgrowth of the divine insight which develops from the activity of the divine presence, your own Individualized Presence, the indwelling Godhood which you shall reveal by trusting God within you.

You hold this destiny to come forth into greater receptivity and wholeness.

Thine destiny ignites purpose and meaning. It nourishes understanding. It expands unconditional acceptance and loving tolerance.

Universal Citizenship is your mission. It is the intended actualization which grows by your intimacy with the Infinite Persons of Absoluteness.

Thine faith shall be neither traditional nor merely an intellectual affair. It is awakened as a completely personal experience .. a purely spiritual matter of religious relationship and character righteousness.

Living the virtuous life brings it’s own rewards. . .

Michael Of Nebadon
University Of Salvington

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Our eternal association

In our eternal association, I am the One who gives you the greater portion of the Father's Life.

As you open up the avenues of your reception .. thine receptivity .. only then shall I extend to you My Life of the Trinity.

Be ever in his Remembrance and Relationship.

Cultivate self-honesty and contriteness of heart.

Respect the One God Force who is existing as an everywhereness.

Reveal his nature by becoming all goodness, truthfulness, and growing in thee his beautiful character.

Be Accountable and Responsive to your creative nature and godly attributes.

Allow our Religious spirituality to flourish by holding this constancy of heart .. continuous diligence and discernment of truth versus falsehood in you. While Truth is absolute and unchanging .. falsehood is relative and wavering or changeable.  Falsehood cannot be relied upon to build your life due to its relative fluctuations. Stability and security are not possible to establish within a nature of relative changes .. a mind anchored in the falsehood of ephemerality.

Reveal the Father’s Kingdom in you by transforming your mistakes and misqualifications.

Realize and discover the Paradise Spirit living in you now. Bring him forth. Permit this Spirit to expand his agenda and vibrational sovereignty in you.

Now, are you walking with the Host of the Heavens .. the Universe Mother and the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter I AM.

Now are you allowing the Spirit of God living in you to have his way with you for your benevolence and benediction.

Invite My Comforter and observe the religious relationship in you unfold and blossom.

I guide and teach you My Truth Absoluteness.  I say, "My child, it is further this way. Come hither. Broaden thine mind into rectitude and responsiveness for mercy. Pave thine heart with passion and deliverance.  Salvation is truly thine own as ye believe as I belueve, act as I act in My relationship recognition of the Trinity Source.

I come to illuminate the avenues of creature ascent towards the One God.

I make of thee mature sons and daughters of religious righteousness and respect .. dignity and humility .. honor and the extinguishing of all inclinations of hubris and haughtiness.

We have a mission to accomplish, and a ground by which to travel together.

Michael Of Nebadon
University Of Salvington

Friday, July 7, 2017

I am come into your world of flesh and blood

I say unto thee .. I am come into your world of flesh and blood. I have  taken upon My countenance th mortal form to reach you with My Living Word, to instruct thee in My ways which are of the approach of the Primal Second Source of the Mother Son.

Doubt not of My appearance upon the world stage. Trust in My announcement to thee. I come in the unannounced normal ways so as not to disrupt too much your evolutionary progression as a civilization.

I come with My instructions while designing a school of learning .. higher learning and living in the flesh, and in your advancement into the galaxies of our Universe.

I invite all those personalities who shall desire relationship with the Father, advancement into His Kingdom, and intimacy association and relationship with the Infinite Persons of Paradise Trinity Endowment.

I am come beloveds .. to aid you in your God ascent into greater maturity and illumination .. eternal life everlasting which requires of you to demonstrate your values and virtues of personhood .. thine revealings of your creative nature, and the willingness on your part to wholeheartedly desire the Father .. to share your mortal life and person with the indwelling spirit of the Universal Absolute Father.

Michael Of Nebadon
University Of Salvington

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Our Unwavering Glory

Believe not the fables about My Person .. nor should you accept the fantastical and wildly erroneous conceivings on My teachings from ages past.

Even a young child sooner or later begins to question the existence of the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus.

Believe not in the worldly presentations of Me; for this reason .. in part .. I come once again into your octaves to make straight the avenues of cr...eature approach to the Immaculate Father's Life in you.

Mine teachings .. and mine way and truth that I AM .. all is placed before thee.

Nothing can prevail against the sons and daughters of God. None can interfere with My plans and purposes. All are welcome to come into Mine Pastures .. Mine Consciousness .. and Mine Ideal.

Gather thine strength through choosing wisely where to give your focus and attention.

Generate the sincerity and splendor .. the persistence and determination .. to penetrate the veils of your unawareness .. and to arise into Our Universal Protocol and Divine Fellowship together.

My Love and Mercy is constancy itself like the brilliant radiation of the North Star .. dependable and unwavering .. gloriousness in and of the Initiatory Thought of Perfection that is the Father Universalis .. the Revelatory Word and Administrative Eternalis of the Primal Son .. and the Preparatory Act and Infinitas Immaculada of the Person of the Infinite Spirit.

Michael of Nebadon
Michael Sananda Esu
Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter

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