Thursday, July 13, 2017

A Genuine Spontaneous Communion

Thine faith shall blossom into the fruit of joyfulness as you give yourself to the Life of the Father in you.

Ignite your intimacy with the vastness of Infinity. He is thine Indwellor .. the destiny of the awakened mind which hungers for the Father’s Nature of goodness and truth.

These developments will show themselves to the apostle of truth who is wholehearted with the willingness to foster directly personal communion with God.

Our Invisualization Faith builds maturity in your spirit perception. Our faith expands exponentially as the outgrowth of the divine insight which develops from the activity of the divine presence, your own Individualized Presence, the indwelling Godhood which you shall reveal by trusting God within you.

You hold this destiny to come forth into greater receptivity and wholeness.

Thine destiny ignites purpose and meaning. It nourishes understanding. It expands unconditional acceptance and loving tolerance.

Universal Citizenship is your mission. It is the intended actualization which grows by your intimacy with the Infinite Persons of Absoluteness.

Thine faith shall be neither traditional nor merely an intellectual affair. It is awakened as a completely personal experience .. a purely spiritual matter of religious relationship and character righteousness.

Living the virtuous life brings it’s own rewards. . .

Michael Of Nebadon
University Of Salvington

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