Friday, July 7, 2017

I am come into your world of flesh and blood

I say unto thee .. I am come into your world of flesh and blood. I have  taken upon My countenance th mortal form to reach you with My Living Word, to instruct thee in My ways which are of the approach of the Primal Second Source of the Mother Son.

Doubt not of My appearance upon the world stage. Trust in My announcement to thee. I come in the unannounced normal ways so as not to disrupt too much your evolutionary progression as a civilization.

I come with My instructions while designing a school of learning .. higher learning and living in the flesh, and in your advancement into the galaxies of our Universe.

I invite all those personalities who shall desire relationship with the Father, advancement into His Kingdom, and intimacy association and relationship with the Infinite Persons of Paradise Trinity Endowment.

I am come beloveds .. to aid you in your God ascent into greater maturity and illumination .. eternal life everlasting which requires of you to demonstrate your values and virtues of personhood .. thine revealings of your creative nature, and the willingness on your part to wholeheartedly desire the Father .. to share your mortal life and person with the indwelling spirit of the Universal Absolute Father.

Michael Of Nebadon
University Of Salvington

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