Wednesday, July 26, 2017

I AM Returned to Guide the Sincerest of Seekers

Those who believe in the Creator Son of Paradise Origins who has come into the earth to raise the dead .. to maketh the blind to see and the deaf to hear .. these personalities shall be drawn My way. They shall erase the errors of their past.

Yea .. these are Mine apostles of the 21st century who have made themselves ready for the abundance of the Absolute Love.

Come thou child of the universes .. enter now and wait no longer. The opportunity of the centuries gathers steam and force for thee.

Thine heavenly excursion hath momentum and power to cleanse every jot and tittle of misqualified ephemerality.

Knoweth what I say, beloved?

Thine moment of the centuries of lifetimes converges now with Me. I bid of thee humility and the need for the great and good Objectivity of God the Father.


Michael Of Nebadon

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