Sunday, July 9, 2017

Our eternal association

In our eternal association, I am the One who gives you the greater portion of the Father's Life.

As you open up the avenues of your reception .. thine receptivity .. only then shall I extend to you My Life of the Trinity.

Be ever in his Remembrance and Relationship.

Cultivate self-honesty and contriteness of heart.

Respect the One God Force who is existing as an everywhereness.

Reveal his nature by becoming all goodness, truthfulness, and growing in thee his beautiful character.

Be Accountable and Responsive to your creative nature and godly attributes.

Allow our Religious spirituality to flourish by holding this constancy of heart .. continuous diligence and discernment of truth versus falsehood in you. While Truth is absolute and unchanging .. falsehood is relative and wavering or changeable.  Falsehood cannot be relied upon to build your life due to its relative fluctuations. Stability and security are not possible to establish within a nature of relative changes .. a mind anchored in the falsehood of ephemerality.

Reveal the Father’s Kingdom in you by transforming your mistakes and misqualifications.

Realize and discover the Paradise Spirit living in you now. Bring him forth. Permit this Spirit to expand his agenda and vibrational sovereignty in you.

Now, are you walking with the Host of the Heavens .. the Universe Mother and the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter I AM.

Now are you allowing the Spirit of God living in you to have his way with you for your benevolence and benediction.

Invite My Comforter and observe the religious relationship in you unfold and blossom.

I guide and teach you My Truth Absoluteness.  I say, "My child, it is further this way. Come hither. Broaden thine mind into rectitude and responsiveness for mercy. Pave thine heart with passion and deliverance.  Salvation is truly thine own as ye believe as I belueve, act as I act in My relationship recognition of the Trinity Source.

I come to illuminate the avenues of creature ascent towards the One God.

I make of thee mature sons and daughters of religious righteousness and respect .. dignity and humility .. honor and the extinguishing of all inclinations of hubris and haughtiness.

We have a mission to accomplish, and a ground by which to travel together.

Michael Of Nebadon
University Of Salvington

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