Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Verily verily

Verily verily do I instruct thee in the wisdom of eternity ..

Mortal mind which adores and is subservient to matter is making its choice in materiality. It shall cause the extinction of personality.

Yet do I tell thee .. a mind reaching with devotion for the Spirit of Life is building it's treasures upon the stability of Spirit.

It is destined to advance further along the byways of everlasting Life and eternal dominion shall grow in this kind of personality mind. Eventually, a mind beholden to spiritual values and the higher virtues of eternity shall be increasing it's association with Us.

The goal of your life is union with the Paradise Spirit living in you. Purpose emerges with great clarity as you develop intimacy with the Spirit of Infinity. Priorities align with Our Ideal and its precepts and way. Meanings grow with boldness of understanding and knowledgeable merit.

Now .. are ye Mine apostles of ascendancy who yearn for the Father’s Initiatory Thought .. his Kingdom Life .. as you are building a destiny in becoming exponentially spiritized .. eternalizing all ephemeral substance .. all thine nature shall grow into its designed maturity.

...our association together raises your personal preferences into God's preferences and his will. Our association fuses you as personality with the portion of the Father's eternality living in you. Your personality survives the material onslaught of bodily urges and sensory inclinations. Your intellectual mind serves the eternal purpose of our fellowship. The heart is healed as the mind is everlastingly woven together with the Spirit of God.

The ultimate purpose and overarching goal of candidacy for graduation from the lifetimes of learning begins to taketh hold .. giving peace and quiet proximity with the Kingdom of Love.

Michael Of Nebadon
University Of Salvington

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